You should never neglect cleaning your upholstery. Most people often think of their upholstery as an afterthought. Even if there are no major stains, getting your upholstery clean is a necessary part of ensuring you get the most out of your furniture’s lifespan. Our team of professionals can help you clean your upholstery in St. Augustine.

The technicians at First Coast Home Pros are experienced and provide quality service with a satisfaction guarantee. Don’t stress over having to clean delicate upholstery on your own. Allow our technicians to do it for you. For a free estimate, please call us at (904) 383-7721.

Our Hot Water Extraction Method

We clean upholstery primarily using our hot water extraction method. While we provide dry cleaning services for upholstery, we prefer not to use that because it isn’t as thorough. Our technicians will typically only use dry cleaning when hot water extraction isn’t possible.

Hot water extraction involves using hot water to clean your upholstery. Water gets introduced into the fabric and fibers, which loosens up dirt and kills any bacteria. Then we use an extractor to remove all of the water. Your furniture may remain slightly damp, but it will dry completely within a few hours.

This method is the best method for cleaning virtually all types of upholstery. It cleans deeply and does the best job overall.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Our cleaning technicians will never use harsh or hazardous chemicals. Not only will they harm the integrity of your furniture, but they can put you, your loved ones, guests, and pets at risk. We always strive to preserve your safety as the top priority.

Other cleaning services use various harsh chemicals to remove stains, mask odors, and speed up the cleaning process. First Coast Home Pros will never cut corners and put you at risk just to make a few extra bucks. As a family-owned business, we want to ensure that your home gets cleaned thoroughly without compromising your and your family’s health and wellness.

Why Do I Need to Clean My Upholstery?

Cleaning your upholstery is more than just ensuring it looks good. You should clean it to:

  • Ensure that bacteria doesn’t continue to grow on your furniture.
  • Remove and odors left behind from pets or guests.
  • Preserve the quality of your furniture.

Your furniture acts both practically and aesthetically. Dirty upholstery can ruin the look of any home interior, not to mention the smells and bacteria associated with uncleaned upholstery. You can ensure that your furniture has a long lifespan by taking care of it with a thorough cleaning.

Do I Need to Clean My Upholstery Often?

You don’t need to clean your upholstery often if your furniture is inside your home. Even if you have the occasional guest and pets in your home, most upholstery will only need cleaning roughly every one to two years. As long as your home environment is clean, you won’t require routine cleaning.

If your furniture gets used by lots of people or gets used outside as well as inside, then you might want to consider more frequent cleaning. Every piece of furniture is different, but generally, you should think about getting your upholstery cleaned once every six to eight months instead.

We mainly advise against frequent cleaning because doing so might actually damage your upholstery and furniture. If another cleaning company is pressuring you to buy monthly cleaning services, you may want to reconsider using them and choose First Coast Home Pros instead.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee backs our upholstery cleaning service. We never want to leave our customers unsatisfied with our work. If you aren’t happy with your cleaning services, you can call us back within a week, and we will happily rectify any issues.

We always strive to be honest, professional, and upfront in everything we do. You will never receive any hidden fees, and we will never pressure you into accepting any services you don’t want. Our team will always accommodate your wishes and help you get all of your cleaning needs done right.

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