Area rugs are a nice addition to your home in St. Johns County. They not only serve a decorative purpose, but they also liven up the space and add extra beauty to your home. They also serve the extra purpose of protecting the space and your home. 

However, because people routinely step on these rugs, they easily trap dirt, germs, allergens, and other pollutants, and help minimize their spread to other parts of the home. But over time, and with the buildup of dirt, the rug can become filthy and may not be as effective in curbing the spread of germs and other pollutants.

This is why you should have our professional area rug cleaning service in St. Johns County clean the rugs frequently. This way, the rugs will not only keep your home relatively germ-free, but they’ll also stay beautiful and last a really long time. At First Coast Home Pros, our area rug cleaning professionals can help clean and transform your rug so it looks new again. 

Why Trust First Coast Home Pros to Handle Your Area Rug Cleaning in St. Johns

As tough as they are, area rugs can be quite delicate –particularly when they are handwoven or have oriental origins. This means that washing them yourself or giving them to inexperienced cleaners will likely do more harm than good, as the rug’s colors can fade. 

Just like your vehicle or your appliances, your area rug needs specialists who know exactly what to do and how to wash them. You wouldn’t just hand over your vehicle to any mechanic, would you? In fact, we’re sure that you’d have vetted the mechanic and made sure that they specialized in repairing your vehicle before taking it to them. 

The same principle applies to your area rugs. Our rug cleaning professionals are trained to meticulously rid your rugs of dirt so that they retain their beauty and use for years.  We specialize in cleaning the following types of area rugs:

  • Oriental Area Rugs
  • Persian Area Rugs
  • Wool Area Rugs
  • Silk Area Rugs
  • Antique Area Rugs
  • Prayer Rugs
  • Navajo Rugs

Whether the rugs are machine-crafted or handcrafted, we can clean them thoroughly. Our cleaning contractors are skilled and experienced at ensuring that your rug is dirt-free, and dries fast so that you can use them shortly after. 

This is possible because we are IICRC-certified and trained to use technologically advanced cleaning techniques and equipment that do an awesome job of purifying your area rugs. These equipment and methods allow us to:

  • Permanently remove all spots and stains
  • Eliminate all germs
  • Ensure that your rugs stay clean for a long time afterward 
  • Dry your carpet really quickly so you never have to deal with a wet carpet for a long time

We’re also committed to transparency and honesty. Some area rug cleaners charge you a specific amount at the beginning, and then switch pricing once they start cleaning your area rug. And because the client has no choice at that point, they’re forced to pay extra. 

We don’t engage in such shady business practices. Our rates are consistent, fair, and affordable. And we always make sure to leave your rug looking clean, spotless, and stain-free. We’re pretty sure that by the time we’re done with your rug, you’ll be very happy with the results.

How We Clean Area Rugs in St. Johns, FL

Once you get in touch with us and decide to use our service, we’ll proceed with the following steps:

  • Carry out a pre-wash inspection of your rug
  • Test the rug fibers to determine the cleaning approach
  • Identify the type of rug and decide on the best cleaning method for it
  • Start the cleaning process using mild but effective cleaning chemicals
  • Pay specific attention to stains and spots and make sure they’re permanently removed
  • Use our double-extracting process to remove as much moisture, chemicals, and dirt from your rug
  • Apply neutralizing rinse to the rug to eliminate all residues
  • Steam clean the rug so that it dries faster and is available for use within hours

This is pretty much our process, and it guarantees great cleaning results that will leave your area rug clean for a long time.  

Benefits of Cleaning Your Area Rugs in St. Johns County, FL

It’s easy to take your area rug for granted and not have it cleaned frequently. But the reality is cleaning it periodically – say at the end/beginning of each season or three to four times a year – has many benefits. These include:

  • Prolonged lifespan – dirt and grime can shorten the lifespan of your beautiful area rug Having it cleaned multiple times a year can extend its utility
  • Adds to the beauty and character of a room
  • Minimizes the number of germs, dirt, and pollutants in the house 
  • Reduces pet dander and dust mites
  • Improves health by minimizing allergens in the home
  • It does a great job of eliminating pests and bugs
  • Lessens the risk of mold in the home – Florida’s high humidity index means more mold spores that can be tracked into the home. Cleaning the carpet reduces the risk of those spores proliferating in the home.
  • Minimizes foul or funky indoor smells

These are just a few pros of frequent rug cleaning. Your health and home deserve to be in great shape at all times. And your area rugs contribute to both. So, don’t hesitate to have our professional rug cleaners take care of that for you.

Contact Our St. Johns County Area Rug Cleaning Service

At First Coast Home Pros, our St. Johns County area rug cleaning service is dedicated to ensuring that your rugs are rid of dirt, germs, pollutants, and allergens. A clean rug means a healthier, cleaner home that smells fresh. 

You and your children deserve all that. You want a disease-free home with floors that your children or pets can play on. Let our expertly trained cleaning professionals help ensure that your rug is spotless today. 

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