A clean carpet can make all the difference to your home’s appearance and air quality. If you suffer from bad allergies or other sicknesses frequently, a carpet cleaning can help purify the air in your home, which can ease your allergies. 

You may need a carpet cleaning for many different reasons, and our team at First Coast Home Pros in St. Johns County, FL, is ready to help. We can restore your carpet to its original texture and look to enhance the vibrancy of your home. 

What Are the Benefits of a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

You may wonder what the difference is between cleaning your carpet on your own and getting a professional home cleaning service to perform this job. There are many essential benefits to hiring experienced cleaners to do the work for you. 

The first is that we use products with little to no harmful chemicals. We pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly company that you can trust around your home, especially if you have kids or pets. You may think the products you use are safe, but many companies greenwash their products to make them seem safe when they are not.

Another benefit of getting a professional carpet cleaning is that we take our time to assess your carpet’s needs. This means we can determine whether your carpets just need a cleaning or if they require special treatment. A DIY approach may go all out and do a full carpet cleaning when it may not be necessary. 

What Is the Cost of a Carpet Cleaning Session in St. Johns County?

The cost of carpet cleaning services at our company is based on a few characteristics of your carpet. Here are some of the factors that may influence the price of our carpet cleaning services in St. Johns County: 

Carpet Type

Every type of carpet is different, and some will be more difficult to clean than others. If you have wool or shag carpets, it may take extra time and precautions, which can increase your service cost. 

Our carpet cleaning professionals make sure that we take the best possible care of your carpets so that you can have a better home environment.

Amount of Cleaning Needed

If your carpet is caked with years of dirt and stains, it may take a longer time for us to clean it, which can warrant a higher cost. Special situations like water damage can also increase the price of our service. 

Our team is trained to handle any carpet damage, so there is nothing that we cannot restore. By having your carpets cleaned regularly, you can save on professional cleanings and ensure that your rug lasts longer. 

Size of the Area of Carpet

The last factor that can affect the cost of the carpet cleaning service we offer is how much of the carpet in your home you need to have cleaned. If you only need a small amount of carpet cleaned, the price for our service may be considerably lower than if you need a larger area serviced. 

How we determine our prices once again depends on the amount of time we spend cleaning the carpets. There are a few other factors that could affect your cost, but our team can explain these to you if they apply to your specific situation. We can also answer any questions you may have during your service. 

How Can Clean Carpet Benefit Your Home?

When your carpet is clean, it can make a positive impact on your entire home. After our professionals clean your St. Johns County home, you will notice changes like: 

Better Aesthetic

After your carpet is clean, it can give your home a whole new appearance. You may notice that your carpet has more height to it and looks brighter than it did. Since there is no longer any dirt in or on your carpet, it can complement your home which can increase your confidence in your home when friends and family come to visit. 

Cleaner Air

Another benefit of having a clean carpet is that the air in your home will be cleaner. Pollutants, allergens, and just dust, in general, can contaminate the air in your home. This can contribute to sicknesses and bad allergies. 

If you do not have your carpets cleaned regularly, these pollutants can get trapped in your carpets and stirred up in your home when you walk around. Our team can remove these pollutants with our carpet cleaning services.

Softer Carpet

The final benefit that you may notice after we clean your carpets is that your carpet will be softer to the touch. This can prevent injuries such as severe rug burns and infections. We cannot promise that you will not get rug burns, but the texture of your carpet will be softer, and it may be less likely to cause any severe irritation. 

What Methods Do Your St. Johns County Carpet Cleaning Professionals Use?

Our carpet cleaning professionals in St. Johns County, FL, use steam cleaning to care for your carpets. Also known as the hot water extraction method, most carpet producers and manufacturers recommend this method to preserve the materials and fibers used. 

When we steam clean our client’s carpets, you can expect bacteria and dirt to be removed and for your carpets to be dry in a matter of hours from our double extraction techniques. This technique involves using our extraction wand over the carpeting twice to suction out the maximum amount of water possible.

Since our methods remove stains efficiently after your initial cleaning, you do not need to worry about stains or spots returning. You can expect your floors to remain clean for an extended period of time due to our neutralizing rinse products and tools removing the most residue possible from the carpet floors. 

What Types of Carpet Cleaning Equipment Will Be Used?

At First Coast Home Pros, we use only the best carpet cleaning machines and tools on your floors. Our truck-mounted equipment consists of some of the best steam cleaning utensils in the industry, giving us an edge over the other professional carpet cleaning service companies in St. Johns County, Florida.

When you make use of vacuum suction tools, steam cleaning water, and expensive cleaning machines, this will outperform most other carpet cleaning equipment on the market. When you need deeply embedded dirt removed from your carpet fibers or assistance getting detergent residue out, our carpet cleaning team can help. We specialize in removing stubborn stains and embedded grime.

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If you need the carpet in your home cleaned, our carpet cleaning team at First Coast Home Pros is ready to help. We can restore your carpet’s texture and enhance the appearance of your home. 

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