Leather is a neutral, stylish material that compliments a wide variety of decor styles. It makes the perfect focal point for any room in the house. The reasons for choosing leather furniture are endless.

Keeping your leather in tip-top shape will allow you to enjoy your leather furniture for decades. Regular professional leather cleaning is critical for ensuring your leather stays soft and supple. The team at First Coast Home Pros guarantees you will be satisfied with our work, so call to discuss our St. Johns County cleaning and home improvement services and request a free estimate.

What Sets Us Apart?

We always suggest that our customers keep a close eye on their leather furniture. We want them to be aware of spills, soils, and everyday scuffs. General maintenance is crucial to keeping your leather furniture looking as good as it did the day you bought it.

Unfortunately, spot cleaning alone may not be all that is required to remove scuff marks or permanent stains on your leather furniture. The leather cleaners available on store shelves could either not clean your leather correctly or could damage it if it is not the correct formula for your type of leather. Many leather furniture owners often overlook this important piece of information.

By choosing First Coast Home Pros to clean your leather furniture, you know the correct formula and techniques will always be used. Our goal is to leave your furniture looking amazing and add years of life to it. We guarantee the satisfaction of all our customers.

What You Can Expect from Our Leather Cleaning

From start to finish, our expert leather cleaners want you to understand the process and be completely satisfied with the end product. Our team is fully trained to handle the cleaning of all leather types and situations. When cleaning is done regularly or immediately after a stain has occurred, the results will be the best.

Getting to Know Your Leather

When we arrive at your home or business, one of our technicians will fully inspect the leather furniture that needs to be cleaned. They will be looking to confirm the type of leather (suede leather, Nappa leather, sheepskin leather, nubuck leather, etc.) and checking for any splitting, cracking, scratches, color loss, soiling, and any other areas of concern. At that point, our leather cleaning technicians will go over the cleaning process with you, answering any concerns or questions you may have.

Only the Best Cleaning Choices

Next, our cleaning technicians will determine the best steps for cleaning your specific leather furniture and will always test the chosen cleaner before starting to ensure the correct method is selected and used. We only use the best agents for cleaning and the most gentle applicators to remove dirt, debris, and soiled areas. If our technicians are working on a vehicle, special cleaners will be used for automotive leather cleaning.

Conditioning for Restoration

After cleaning and wiping the furniture down, our technicians will heat the leather ever so gently to create a soft and absorbent surface. The heat application opens the pores of the leather so that the conditioning application is easily accepted and absorbed into the material. Applying a leather conditioner further helps the furniture to look smooth and hydrated by replenishing the natural oils it loses over time.

Final Inspection

After the conditioning step has been completed, our technicians will go over the final results with you. We will explain what was done during the cleaning process and answer any questions or worries you may have about caring for your leather furniture before your next professional cleaning. If you have any concerns with our work, just let us know because we want you to be completely satisfied with the cleaning we have done.

Commercial Leather Cleaning St. Johns County

Having a reliable and experienced oriental rug and commercial leather cleaning company is crucial to your business. You need your customers to see only the best in your public areas. Our trusted leather technicians will ensure that the furniture in your lobby, restaurant, waiting room, and more looks top-notch when your customers enter your business. 

As a business owner, we understand that your time is valuable and limited. We aim to always arrive on time, ready to get the job done right the first time. We also want to ensure we give each customer the time needed to do each job correctly, never rushing, so when we are running behind, you will be the first to know.

With decades of experience, our dedicated leather cleaning team offers nothing but the best each time they come to clean. We want your business to be comfortable and confident with our team members and the services they provide. You will be serviced by the same group of technicians each visit, ensuring consistency and quality for every cleaning.

Why Is Leather So Popular?

Leather is considered to be superior quality compared to artificial materials because its creation is from nature. It has been preserved carefully to maintain its quality and beauty for years. Leather is known to hold its value due to the beauty of the material with its color applications, designs, and finishing processes. The flexibility and durability of leather can handle extreme temperatures, tears, and punctures while providing support and stretch to conform to all contours.

Will Cleaning Restore My Furniture to Its Original Color?

Cleaning leather is for the purpose of removing soil. Leather is very absorbent, and soiling and staining can be difficult to remove when allowed to sit for more than 72 hours. Professional cleaning of leather does not restore the original finish or color. For more information and answers to your leather cleaning questions, contact our professional leather cleaners today.

Residential and Commercial Leather Cleaning Services in St. Johns County 

You can help preserve your leather investment through regular cleaning, which will also help keep your furniture looking as good as new for decades to come. Our technicians are ready to answer your questions about leather cleaning and a no-obligation estimate. Schedule your free estimate over the phone or online using our secure form