Protecting your family from mosquitos and other insects during outdoor gatherings is a priority. But a damaged screened enclosure creates the perfect environment for biting insects to crawl through, dampening your outdoor events. And keeping your pool and outdoor patio clean becomes more troublesome when rips and tears are present.

It is never a challenge to restore your screened enclosure to its original quality when you work with our home improvement team at First Coast Home Pros in St. Johns County, Florida. The customized service we provide can address any of your rescreening needs. 

Why Choosing Us Matters

Our St. Johns County, Florida, team recognizes that you place your trust in us when you reach out to schedule a service. What can you expect from our rescreening specialists or any team member when we provide a service for you?

  • Each technician has been trained to provide the specialized service you request. 
  • Our company is insured and bonded, so we not only protect our employees, we protect our customers.
  • Our technicians are covered by workers’ compensation insurance which meets state standards and provides the highest quality assurance for safety requirements on your property.
  • We understand your time is valuable and strive to accommodate your schedule and never expect you to wait indefinitely. We provide a narrow arrival window to minimize the interruption to your day.
  • Communication is the key to any relationship. From our initial free rescreening estimate, we will openly communicate our plan for rescreening so that you know what to expect with the results and pricing.

Great employees are created by a quality company with a mission that values your business and the individuals that perform your rescreening services. 

What to Expect with our Rescreening Process

When you schedule an appointment, our rescreening team will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate the screened enclosure and any needed repairs. Our rescreening services are priced by the panel, allowing for a preferable pricing scale instead of a per-square-foot rate. You will also have options to choose from in your rescreening materials.

Some of the screening material and brand options we provide are:

  • New York Wire® 
  • Phifer®
  • Super Screen®
  • TuffScreen®
  • No-See-Um screening material
  • Standard insect screen
  • Pet screen
  • Solar screen

Our assessment during the initial consultation allows our screened enclosure technicians to arrive with all the appropriate tools and equipment to complete your rescreen safely without risking the chance of injury or causing damage to your property. We believe in treating your home like our own. We take just as much care with your exterior home services and repairs as with the interior services we provide.

We Are a Full Service Provider

With your first call to First Coast Home Pros, you will begin working with a member of our team. A member of our staff also performs the rescreen of your screened enclosure. You will never encounter subcontractors when you schedule any interior or exterior services we offer.

Additionally, we guarantee our services and will assist with any warranty concerns with your product. We stand behind the products we sell and install, knowing that you will get a better quality of service from start to finish.

Ensuring the Functionality of a Screened Enclosure

It is essential to remember the reasons for your screened enclosure at your St. Johns County home to realize the importance of any rescreen service we provide. Whether you are repairing screen damage or want to upgrade your entire screened enclosure, we are here to offer you the best options.

Repairing Screen Damage

By repairing screen damage, you prevent unwanted bugs, mosquitos, and natural debris from collecting in your pool or outdoor patio area. Rescreening helps keep your maintenance costs down and decreases the risk of mosquito-borne diseases, which often pose a concern in a Florida coastal environment.

Opting for Better Coverage

Rescreening allows you to provide better UV protection for your family. There are many benefits that come from spending a day outside, so skin damage prevention should start with a screen material that provides superior coverage.

Better UV protection can also minimize pool maintenance. The intense summer sun can deplete your pool’s chlorine, creating a chemical imbalance that leads to an unsafe swimming environment

Rescreening can give more suitable material options that provide a cooler outdoor space for a patio or pool area. It gets hot in Florida, so your comfort in the warmer months is a priority. Rescreening can also help reduce water evaporation during the hottest months, which is always welcomed assistance with the cost of a water bill. And no one wants to swim in hot water in July, so cooler water temperatures are always more inviting.

Extending Living Space

Proper rescreening allows for screened enclosures to extend your living space. Particularly during shoulder seasons, doors and windows to your home can be left open without worrying about bugs becoming an indoor issue. And rescreening helps you enjoy additional living spaces, like outdoor kitchens and dining areas, without experiencing the trouble of flies, mosquitos, and other insects attracted to your food.

Providing Superior Rescreen for St. Johns County, FL Screened Enclosures

At First Coast Home Pros, we believe in the craftsmanship of our rescreen services and know the benefit of quality work. But customer reviews of our rescreen services and all the home services we provide give a personal portrayal of our ability to meet each need. The homeowners, family members, friends, and realtors that recommend our service tell the story best. 

You will not be disappointed with the advantages of rescreening your screened enclosure. But more importantly, you will be pleased with our service and willingness to help you find the best rescreen options for your outdoor needs. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Options to schedule an appointment include calling, emailing, or texting. Or plan to stop by on your next outing to talk with us about your rescreening options. A call beforehand to let us know your plans will ensure we are in the office, ready to speak with you.