When your windows are dirty or even scratched, it can decrease your home’s curb appeal and make you feel less than confident about your home. But our St. Johns County, FL, home services team can help. 

At First Coast Home Pros, we specialize in home cleaning services, and we’re passionate about it. We strive to make you happy with a cleaner home. We can give you a free estimate and tell you how much your window cleaning service will cost.

We Can Do More for Your Windows Than Just Clean Them

Most cleaning companies just do a standard window cleaning that might last you until the end of the season. However, when you hire our team for window cleaning services in St. Johns County, we can give your windows a full makeover with services like: 

  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Sill cleaning
  • Grid removal 
  • Scratched glass repair
  • Pella inserts 
  • Paint removal

We can perform as many of these services that your windows need. To get an estimate of the cost, you can contact our team, and we can give an itemized estimate.

Risks of DIY or Free Window Cleaning Services

Cleaning your windows is an essential part of keeping your home clean, so you shouldn’t let just anyone do it, even yourself. If it’s only a couple of fingerprints, feel free to clean them, but if there’s buildup or anything more, you should call a professional window cleaning team in St. Johns County. 

If you are offered a free window cleaning service, and the company does not specialize in window cleaning, you should kindly decline the offer. If the team doesn’t have the right cleaning solutions or even the right squeegee, their service can do more harm than good. This could result in your windows being scratched, permanently streaked, or even cracked. 

DIY window cleaning can also result in your windows looking worse than they did, to begin with. If there is years of paint buildup or other types of debris, you should call a window cleaning service. Cleaning your windows just with what you have in your home most likely isn’t going to cut it. 

Our Window Cleaning Process

How we clean windows is the most important ingredient to our success, we have the highest quality equipment and cleaning solutions that can clean your windows and keep them clean. The first step of our process is examining your windows and suggesting the best plan of action. 

Then, once you decide which services you want us to do, we get to work. One of the stars of our window cleaning method is our biodegradable window solution. It leaves your windows sparkling without any ammonia lingering in the air. 

This means that it’s safe to use around your home with pets and children. The last part of our process is making sure that you are satisfied with our service. We have a one-week warranty that promises that you’ll be 100% satisfied.

And if you aren’t, we can fix your windows so that you are.

First Coast Home Pros Isn’t Like Other Window Cleaning Companies

There are so many St. Johns County cleaning companies to choose from, but we make an extensive effort to stand out because we really aren’t like the rest. Some of the things that make our team unique are: 

We Take Our Time

When we arrive at a time that works for you, we aren’t going to make you feel uncomfortable in your own home by rushing through our service. We’ve heard from our customers about how they appreciate that we take our time. 

We would be doing you a disservice by rushing. When we arrive, we’re here to improve your home, and to do that, it takes time. By taking our time, we can identify any additional issues with your windows and perform the service that you ordered. 

Our Pricing Is Transparent

One of the many things that we are proud to do as a home cleaning company is to give you an honest bill. That’s why we give you an itemized statement for your estimate and your bill. 

If there’s a fee for your service, we aren’t going to just charge you for it. You’ll be able to see what it’s for and how much it is. 

We hold honesty in high regard because that’s how it should be when you’re paying someone to clean something so important such as the windows in your home.

We Want Your Home to Sparkle

Other companies can say that they want you to be happy with your home, but they often stop asking for feedback once they get their payment. That’s what makes us different. 

And that’s why we guarantee a one-week warranty. Our ultimate goal is to have your windows, as well as your home sparkling when we’re done. All the effort that we put into our work is for that end result.

Our experience, passion, and methods combine to make you proud to show off your freshly cleaned home to guests and even friends on social media. 

Contact Us to Get Your Windows Cleaning Service Estimate

If you need your St. Johns County home’s windows cleaned and other services, First Coast Home Pros is the team to call. We can ensure that your home looks better than it did before we came. 

Call us to get a free estimate for our window cleaning services.