Both solid wood and engineered wood floors need regular maintenance to prevent the need for sanding and refinishing as long as possible. Our professional wood floor cleaning service will completely clean your floor and add a fresh layer of protective coating.

Regular maintenance protects your investment and raises the value of your home if you decide to sell. If you need wood floor cleaning in St. Johns County, FL, the first team to call is First Coast Home Pros. Here’s why.

Why You Need Professional Cleaning for Wood Floors

Sweeping and mopping your wood floors keep them in good condition, but there are some things that these tasks don’t fix. Every scrape, dent, or scuff mark damages your floor. If your floor looks beat up, don’t reach out to a refinisher or replace your floors until you’ve had a professional wood floor cleaning.

We have a dustless cleaning and re-coating process that can remove those unsightly marks without the need to sand and refinish your flooring. This surface makes your floor more durable and extends its lifespan.

Our deep cleaning solutions will remove any grime and tough marks that your mop can’t touch, sanitize your wood floor and add an optional long-lasting protective coat to give it a shiny appearance. Getting professional wood floor cleaning in St. Johns County before reaching for that sander is far cheaper!

Cleaning Your Wood Floor Can Reduce Allergens

Did you know that dust mite droppings and pet dander can get trapped in the grooves between your floorboards? Allergens like these can cause annoying health problems in you and your family, and your normal routine may not get deep enough to remove them.

Our brushes and cleaning solutions penetrate these cracks to lift out allergens and remove them from your floor. You’ll get a beautiful and healthier floor after you’ve had a professional wood floor cleaning from our St. Johns County cleaners.

Dirty Wood Needs Aggressive Cleaning

Our wood floor cleaning system starts with two steps to aggressively clean build-up, dirt, grease, and more from your floors. The first step is a low-moisture cleaning process that uses a high-alkaline solution to remove the dirt.

Wood floors need strong chemical treatments to remove dirt from wood pores, but leaving the solution on the floor would damage the surface. The second step is an alcohol-based cleaner to neutralize the pH of the first cleaner and dissolve certain stains that respond to alcohol.

Once this is done, your floor will be clean and ready for use. However, many of our customers want to make their wood floors shine again. Our deep cleaning process also prepares your floor to take on a finish coat.

We Use Water-Based Urethane

If you’ve ever used older oil-based urethanes to finish your floors, you know how long it takes to dry and how stinky the process is. Oil-based urethane releases huge amounts of volatile organic compounds, which can be harmful to your family’s health.

We use water-based urethane to add a uniform luster to your floor, anywhere from a satin to a gloss shine. Adding urethane to your floor helps to waterproof your floor, and by using a water-based solution, it dries much faster.

It only takes six hours after application before you can walk on it. Our team can come in the morning to clean your floors, and they’ll be ready by dinner time! We also choose urethanes that have the latest nanoparticle technology for durability. Ask us about this during your estimate.

Floor Restoration Could Be Necessary

If you have an especially old floor or if your floor has received a lot of wear, you may need a full floor restoration before we can clean and resurface the floor. We can tell you if you need this when we come for your estimate. Some signs you need a full restoration include:

  • Pet stains discoloring the wood
  • Deep cracks, dents, or scratches
  • Color variations on the stain
  • Exposed bare wood
  • Use of paste wax, acrylic wax, or acrylic floor polish that darkened the wood

When you consult with our floor cleaning professionals, we will come to your home to see how much work needs to be done. We’ll inspect your floor’s condition and let you know precisely what needs to be done to clean or restore your floor. This consultation is absolutely free.

Can You Clean My Rug When You Do My Floor?

Many homeowners use area rugs for common areas on hardwood floors. These must be rolled up and cleaned away from the floor. Steam cleaning a rug on your hardwood floor will damage the floor, sometimes permanently!

We have an oriental rug cleaning service that will take care of your dirty rugs, and you can get them done at the same time as your floors. Ask us about combining services to save on costs when you call us!

Do We Guarantee Our Work?

Yes, we do! We guarantee our wood floor cleaning services for 30 days against anything beyond the normal dirt buildup. If you’re not satisfied with the work, we’ll fix it until you’re happy.

All of our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. We will cover the costs if a major catastrophe ever happens with your floor cleaning.

Hire First Coast Home Pros to Clean Your Wood Floors in St. Johns County

Regular wood floor cleaning will extend the lifespan of your floors and keep their beauty longer. When mopping and sweeping just won’t cut it, turn to our wood floor cleaning service. Contact us about your project by calling during regular office hours, or emailing us through our online contact form.