Why do so many homes in Yulee have pools and/or screened enclosures? The weather in Yulee is perfect for spending time outdoors! When it’s cooler, there’s nothing like sleeping with your windows open and a nice breeze blowing through your home. On hot days, splashing in the pool while keeping away pests and insects is a dream.

But it’s bad news when your pool enclosure, screened porch, lanai, or even window and door screens are broken, ripped, or otherwise damaged.

That’s when the experts at First Coast Home Pros can step up and rescreen when and where you need it. Need someone to take a look at your screened enclosure or other screen issues? Call the First Coast Home Pros at (904) 383-7721.

Why Properly Screened Enclosures Are Important

Correctly functioning screens aren’t just for aesthetic purposes, screens perform important safety functions.

Pool Enclosures

Not only do screened pool enclosures help keep the pool clean and free from dirt and debris, but they also help you control access to the pool. Screened enclosures create a safety barrier for pools that is especially important for children. The safest type of barrier is one that entirely surrounds a pool and one with a door lock or alarm so children cannot gain unauthorized access without an adult present. Maintaining your screened pool enclosure can help prevent a child from becoming one of the hundreds of children each year who die from drowning in a swimming pool or spa.

Remember, children — especially small children — can get into screened enclosures through loose or broken screens or tears in the screen material, so it’s vital to keep screened enclosures in tip-top shape.

In addition to keeping children out of the pool area, screened enclosures also keep pets, pests, and insects away from the pool. No one wants to go to the pool for a refreshing dip and find a rodent, snake, or alligator who already had the same idea and is there taking a swim!

Screened Porches and Screened Lanais

Just as you want to keep animals and insects away from a pool area, the same principle applies to screened porches and lanais. Nothing ruins a lovely evening bringing the outdoors “in” on your screened porch or lanai than an infestation of mosquitoes buzzing through holes, tears or breaks in the screens. Improper maintenance of screens on porches, doors, and windows can also provide access to burglars and other home invaders as well.

Window Screens and Door Screens

Well-maintained window and door screens not only help keep people and pests out but, importantly, help keep people and pets inside. While window screens are not meant as a safety barrier to prevent falls, they are helpful when teaching kids safety around open windows. Torn or broken window screens are often a magnet for curious children and invite them to play around a space where they can be injured or killed if they fall. Distracted pets are also known to jump out of windows with broken or ripped screens as well.

When Your Screened Enclosure Needs Rescreening

Sometimes only one or two screens need to be repaired or replaced, other times the entire enclosure needs to be rescreened. Look to work with a company, like ours, that charges by the panel, instead of per square foot. This process will give you a more accurate idea of how to budget for what you specifically need to have repaired or replaced.

Additionally, you will need to choose the type of screening that best fits your needs and your budget.

  • Insect screen (keeps out even the smallest insect pests)
  • Rugged screening
  • Solar screen (helps prevent the sun’s glare and reduce light and heat)
  • Pet screen (specially made stronger to help prevent damage from pets)

We’ll take a look at your screened enclosure, give you an idea of what your issues are, recommend fixes, and show you screening samples to choose from.

It is important to work with a company with a great deal of experience in screened enclosure rescreening. Typically, screened enclosures have metal framing and fasteners that become corroded over time. Working with and around damaged screened enclosure and screen panels can be extremely dangerous so this is not a DIY project and it’s not for a fly-by-night company or individual to tackle either.

Get an Estimate for Your Screened Enclosure Rescreening

You know you need screen repair or replacement, let the experts at First Coast Home Pros help. Our crews are experienced, we are fully insured and only First Coast Home Pros employees do the work for you, we do not sub-contract to anyone else. Additionally, we guarantee our screen repair and screened enclosure rescreening work 100%.

Call (904) 383-7721 or fill out the form today to schedule an assessment and estimate. Keep fun and happiness safely inside your screened enclosure and keep bugs, critters, and unwanted visitors out.