Nothing makes your Yulee, Florida home look older and dingier than grey tile and grout. And if you’re tired of feeling embarrassed every time someone comes over because you know they’re going to see it, then it sounds like a call to First Coast Home Pros is in your future.

There comes a point with tile and grout where, no matter how much soap you put on it, and no matter how hard you scrub, you just aren’t going to get it clean. In fact, soap by itself is a major part of the problem. Over time the residue from each cleaning builds on top of each other, creating the grey appearance you’re so used to seeing now.,

Don’t put yourself through that when our professional tile and grout cleaning team is right around the corner. We have Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training and the tools necessary to really go after that grout and restore its original beauty. One of our specialties, no matter what we clean, is that we can be aggressive on dirt without causing any damage to your home.

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Whatever Your Tile and Grout Need, We Can Do It!

Here at First Coast Home Pros, we have the products and accessories necessary to really dig down deep into the gunk caking up on your grout. This helps us achieve that professional clean. Whether we’re cleaning tile floors or walls, we have a specific process that we follow, and it never lets us down.


First, we clean your grout, then we seal it. Sealing the grout not only helps preserve our hard work, but it also saves you from having to do hard work in the future by repelling grime. Once this is done, we’ll then recolor your grout. When we’re done with your tile and grout, you’ll have a hard time believing that we didn’t simply reinstall new tile for you!

First Coast Home Pros is a full-service company. As such, we use only high-quality equipment, safe cleaning solutions, and up-to-date techniques to completely transform your home in just one visit. Unlike some of the other tile and grout cleaning companies out there, we understand that you can’t clean the tile and grout in every home the same way. We vary up our cleaning methods depending on the severity of the buildup and the material of the tile.


After we spent all that time cleaning your grout, how can you be sure it won’t get just as dirty again within a short amount of time? Simple: sealing. Grout sealant acts like Scotchguard for a carpet. It encourages muck and grime to bead up on the surface, protecting it from a more serious buildup. This also gives you more time to clean the surface before anything that settles on top of it has a chance to seep in.

Sealant doesn’t last forever, of course, but it certainly keeps your tile and grout cleaner for longer than it would be without it. Plus, who couldn’t use the chance to make cleaning a particular surface easier than it was before?

You may be thinking, how long are you going to be in my house? It sounds like a process like that takes hours to complete! Actually, it does take a few hours, but not that many of them. You may be surprised to see how quickly and efficiently we work. And the best part is you can resume light use of the room we’ve worked on within the first 24 hours! After that, you can go back to normal use. This allows the sealant the time it needs to be able to set.


In houses with older tile, sometimes even we can’t get the grout clean. But this doesn’t mean a full renovation is in order. Instead, we use recoloring to bring life back into your grout. Of course, we clean it first so we’re not recoloring dirty grout. But when it’s clean and we see that it’s still dark or dingy, we can do whatever is necessary to make it pop once again.

We can match our high-quality grout materials to whatever color you had prior. You’ll think you went back in time and stepped into your home from years before!

As we mentioned earlier, a buildup of old soap can cause grout to turn grey over time. But when First Coast Home Pros recolors your grout, it’ll look like you just had your bathroom or kitchen redone!

You May Think Your Tile Looks Too Far Gone, but It’s No Match for First Coast Home Pros!

At First Coast Home Pros, cleaning is what we do. And we don’t only do tile and grout. We also work on pretty much every interior and exterior surface you can think of that can exist in a home. From wood floors and draperies to screened porch enclosures and gutter cleanings, we do it all! We can make your home look brand new again without the use of harsh chemicals.

If there’s a surface on or in your home that could use some jazzing up, give First Coast Home Pros a call today at (904) 383-7721 for a free estimate. Or you can send us an email at When First Coast Home Pros cleans your home, you’ll feel like you’re living in a brand new home again. So don’t hesitate – call us today!