Wood floors can give homes throughout Yulee, Florida, a timeless and beautiful appearance. These floors can last for decades when they receive proper care and maintenance, including regular cleaning.

Our team at First Coast Home Pros can handle Yulee, FL, wood floor cleaning on your behalf. We have years of experience cleaning wood floors and the equipment to handle the job without damaging your floors.

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What Are the Benefits of Wood Floor Cleaning in Yulee, FL?

Wood floors often last many years, especially if you follow cleaning tips to keep them in good condition. However, over time they face a lot of usage, resulting in scratches, scuffs, and scrapes. In these situations, many property owners consider refinishing their floors.

However, before you schedule refinishing or consider replacing the floor, you can contact us for wood floor cleaning services in Yulee, FL. The cleaning process can eliminate the following:

  • Dirt
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen

Cleaning also removes grime that mops miss. The process reduces bacteria and sanitizes the wood floors in your home. The protective finishing coat we apply can bring back the shine of your wood floors and extend their durability.

What Happens During Wood Floor Cleaning in Yulee?

When you hire us to take care of Yulee, FL, wood floor cleaning, we begin a two-part process to remove dust, grease, dirt, and bacteria. We have years of experience handling the cleaning process, which involves both a high-alkaline and alcohol-based cleaner.

The high-alkaline cleaner aggressively strips away residue and dirt from your wood floor in Yulee. After we’ve cleaned away the mess, we neutralize the cleaner with the alcohol-based product.

After we finish the cleaning process, we can apply a finish coat to secure the shine on your floor.

What Are the Benefits of a Finish Coat in Yulee, FL?

You can request a finish coat after we finish Yulee, FL, wood floor cleaning. We apply a urethane finish to wood floors, offering our clients two options: gloss or satin.

We use a water-based finish for floors in Yulee, FL, providing your floor with a layer of protection against moisture and other forms of damage. In addition, the finish dries fast, limiting the time you have to stay off the floor after your appointment.

The choice to apply a finish coat is in your hands. However, we recommend it to clients who want an extra layer of protection for their floors.

Why Hire Us for Wood Floor Cleaning in Yulee, FL?

Our team has years of experience handling Yulee, FL, wood floor cleaning. We believe in putting our clients first and focusing on your needs. We also respect your time, showing up on time for all our cleaning appointments.

We use professional-grade cleaning equipment and treat your flooring carefully to avoid potential damage. Our IICRC-certified technicians have the training to bring out the beauty in your floors, and we don’t consider any job too big or too small.

We stand behind the work we do on wood floor cleaning, providing a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You can contact us immediately to learn more about the services we offer and how we take your needs into consideration.

Is Professional Wood Floor Cleaning Worth It in Yulee?

Some property owners consider performing their own wood floor cleaning in Yulee, FL. While you can attempt the process on your own, mistakes with the chemicals used for cleaning can damage your flooring or leave your house with an unpleasant odor.

Even getting too much moisture on wood flooring can result in warping and other damage. Fortunately, you can turn to our professional team for help. We can even handle floors that require sanding before cleaning.

Generally, we can perform Yulee, FL, wood floor cleaning without sanding floors. However, we may take this extra step if we notice the following:

  • Deep indentations, scratches, or cracks in the floor
  • Bare wood showing up through the floor’s finish
  • Variations in the current color of your stain

Discoloration from pet stains may also require sanding before we clean and coat a wood floor. Find out more about your specific needs by reaching out to us today.

What Does Wood Floor Cleaning Cost in Yulee, FL?

Multiple variables go into the cost of floor cleaning. The price for the project depends on the condition of your floor and the square footage of your property; we can provide you with a free estimate of the cost after an in-home consultation.

A consultation allows our team to assess your specific needs. After we review the situation, we can provide a straightforward quote for the job. We avoid hidden fees, striving to maintain honest communication with all our clients in Yulee.

How Long Does Wood Floor Cleaning Take in Yulee?

The total time for Yulee, FL, wood floor cleaning varies. It takes longer to clean larger properties, and we may sometimes have to factor in the time to sand down floors. We’ll discuss the total time for your job when you contact us.

Our floor cleaning crews work quickly and efficiently when they reach your property. We clean up after we finish the cleaning process and answer any questions you have before leaving your property.

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You can work with our team at First Coast Home Pros if you’re interested in Yulee, FL, wood floor cleaning. We work around your schedule and focus on giving your floors the attention and care they need to stay in excellent condition.

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