Just say no to dryer fires with the help of First Coast Home Pros in Jacksonville, Florida. 15,500 fires associated with clothes dryers occur annually. It’s more common than you think and it’s destroying homes across Jacksonville and beyond. In fact, it’s becoming such a problem that fire departments and insurance companies are now requiring that dryer ducts are inspected and cleaned regularly.

How do dryer fires occur?

Dryer fires start when lint in the ducts restricts air flow. As a result, drying time overheat and cause the motor to overheat. As this occurs, lint underneath the dryer then catches fire and the air draft draws the fire into the duct. When the duct is obstructed with lint, then the result is a house fire. This is why regular dryer duct cleaning is important.

When should I schedule dryer duct cleaning?

It’s essential to schedule a thorough dryer duct cleaning at least once a year. However, there are a few warning signs that will better assist you in deciding if now is the right time to schedule an additional cleaning service.

Warning signs:

  • Your dryer is still producing heat, but it’s taking longer to dry your clothes.
  • At the end of an average dry cycle, your clothes are still damp or hotter than usual.
  • When the dryer is on, the outdoor flapper on the vent hood does not open.

If your ducts have not been inspected lately, or you have noticed some of the warning signs as stated above, it’s time to contact First Coast Home Pros. Our professional technicians provide affordable, duct cleaning services to ensure your home is safe from duct fires.