The thought of bacteria is enough to cause the skin to crawl for most people, and it is enough to send many running for the closest antibacterial products they can find. No matter the type of bacteria you are trying to avoid, the best defense is making sure that everything – from the body to the house – is as clean as possible. Cleanliness really is the best way to defend against all manner of bacteria and diseases.

In fact, you will even find that the term “antibacterial” seems to be on just about everything today, from soap to house cleaning products and everything in between from our maid services. At first blush, it might seem as though this is a good idea because, after all, you want to remove bacteria, so antibacterial anything sounds like a good idea. Before you reach for that spray of hand lotion, though, take a step back and really consider what you are doing!

Antibacterial Products: Good or Bad?

These products can kill bacteria, which can be a good thing. However, most of the products are actually going to leave a residue behind, and this could actually cause the remaining bacteria to evolve and become resistant to the product. This is true of those products that go onto your body as well as those that you are using for house cleaning in the bathroom and the kitchen.

If you wipe your counters with these products, it might kill quite a bit of the bacteria, but some might remain. They are going to change and grow stronger, and they will breed, too. The new generations are not going to be phased by the antibacterial wipes you’ve been using.

Another thing that you might want to know about these types of house cleaning products is that even the FDA is saying there is nothing about them that proves they are better at removing bacteria than other products that don’t contain antibacterial properties. The advertising hype helped to make the products as popular as they are.

The strongest of the antibacterial cleaners that are on the market might be good for cleaning hospitals and medical facilities, but they are not necessary in the home.

Are They Really Necessary Then?

In most cases, they are not necessary but can be for those who may have weak immune systems, and for pregnant women, they can be beneficial, but you want to be careful about how you use them. For most people, it is going to be sufficient to use regular soap on the body and regular cleaning products throughout the home. You just need to make sure that you are cleaning your body and home regularly.

Consider the Best Strategies for Cleaning Your Home Properly

The goal of cleaning your home is to create a safe space for you and each member of your family. To do that, you need to consider what chemicals and products you are introducing into that space, what the manufacturer’s warnings, recommended use, and limitations are, and what your specific concerns are. Before using any product, find out why it really is a good option to add to your home or what limitations it offers.

Often, we reach for a product that says “antibacterial” on it because we believe it is going to keep our family safer than another product, but that is not always the case, and often, it is just the opposite because of the introduction of chemicals. Before you choose a product for the marketing slogan on it, then, do a bit of research. There are several ways you can gain more insight into any product before you move forward with using it.

Turn to the EPA for guidance and some insight into most products, including any consumer complaints about it and a breakdown of what each chemical and product within the bottle is and what it does (you should also get an idea of what it does not do). If you are unsure that the product really is going to offer any benefit to your home, and you do not have very sick people living there, consider a better product. Choose a product, for example, with limited chemicals or those that your home cleaning team recommends.

Help with the Cleaning

It is true that proper cleaning is going to remove the bacteria from the home, but many people simply do not have the time to clean properly. For those who desire a cleaner home, professional house cleaning could be a great solution. You need to make sure that the cleaning company is going to be using the right products and the right techniques to make your home spotless and a healthy place to be.

Our team does this by discussing what factors are important to you, such as your preference for not using harsh chemicals, and then we tailor our cleaning methods to meet and match those goals. We always work to keep your home safe in a way that makes you feel most comfortable. That is what ultimately makes your home a safe place for you and your family.

For some of our clients, that means using products that are more harsh on bacteria, and for others, it means using natural products instead. In all situations, our goal is to aggressively work to meet your expectations and clean your home to meet your specific goals. Without a doubt, it is critical to feel comfortable at home.

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We strive to give you the best possible experience and to make sure that your home is truly spotless. Our goal is to be thorough and address the specific needs you have and follow your specific instructions for what you want cleaned and how. We can always apply our unique strategies and steps to ensure the best outcome as well.

When you put our team to work for you, you can also expect us to pursue efficiency. We do not want to get in your way or recommend services that you really do not need. Instead, we want to support you in maintaining your home at the best level possible.

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