Grout Recoloring & Restoration

Sometimes, even the deepest grout cleaning services cannot fully restore stained or damaged grout back to its original luster.  When grout cleaning alone is not enough, our grout recoloring, color sealing and grout restoration service is your ideal option for discolored grout.

Grout color sealing after thorough cleaning can match your grout to its original color, make it darker, lighter, or change the color entirely.  In fact, we offer 89 different standard grout colors in addition to unlimited custom colors.  This grout recoloring process will give new life to your grout lines and offers the highest possible level of protection for your grout.

Grout Recoloring & Restoration

We use ColorClad Color Seal which we consider the most advanced professional color sealer on the market.  This excellent product is not only water resistant but is oleophobic and truly oil repellent.  It also is highly breathable, yet contains the extremely hard mineral aluminum oxide to improve the durability of your color sealing project.

First Coast Home Pros’ grout color sealing service stands out as an excellent solution for restoring stained grout and making your grout look like new again for years to come.

We 100% guarantee our grout recoloring service for 1 year (excluding normal wear and forceful damage).


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