Typically, the residence is a family’s largest financial commitment. Not only is it a house, with all the financial investment that entails, it’s also a home, filled with treasured possessions. Numerous factors must, therefore, be taken into consideration when hiring a Jacksonville, FL house cleaning service.

When to Hire Help

You may need to bring in professional house cleaning help on a one-time only basis – perhaps you’re hosting business guests or a social event, or undertaking a specialist project such as renovating tile grout. Conversely, your needs may be ongoing – the house may have become too big for you to handle on your own, due to injury or increased commitments elsewhere.

The Jacksonville, FL house cleaning style can be very different to working in other parts of the country. Specialist materials are commonplace, including travertine floors and exotic woods. Using the wrong types of cleaners can do irreversible damage to such surfaces, and an expert cleaning company will avoid those risks. Some rules-of-thumb apply to every situation, however.

The Way to Go

Decide on a strategy specific to your needs by first listing the jobs you need taken care of, both the one-time and ongoing projects. Next:

  • Settle on a service which performs criminal background checks on everyone who’ll attend your home and which completes all paperwork and billing.
  • Establish that you’re able to ask for alternate staff in the event that you don’t a particular team member’s performance acceptable.
  • Ensure that additional requirements will also be met on demand (window and duct/dryer vent cleaning, for instance).
  • Although not strictly a function of Jacksonville, FL house cleaning, residents often have screen rooms and pool enclosures. Ensure your company also cleans and maintains these structures.

In that context, carpet cleaning is also a specialist skill requiring dedicated equipment; will your contractor be ready when needed most? You don’t want to become comfortable with a company, only to have to change providers when an emergency occurs.

Final Thoughts

Here at First Coast Home Pros, we strongly advise that you connect with a Jacksonville, FL house cleaning company which offers free estimates, so everyone’s on the same page before work commences.

Remember, the importance of a guarantee can’t be overstated. Your satisfaction must mean as much to your cleaning company as it does to you. Visit our website for customer statements and Angie’s List referrals.