Do you have indoor (or outdoor) cats who have completely ruined your screened enclosure in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL? Or maybe your screened enclosure has simply worn out after years of use. Either way, First Coast Home Pros can help restore your screened enclosure to like-new condition!

Whether it is a single screen you need replaced or your entire pool enclosure, we can do it. No job is too big or too small for First Coast Home Pros! Give us a call today at (904) 383-7721 or email us at to schedule an appointment for a free price quote with no strings attached.

Our Screened Enclosure Services

Here at First Coast Home Pros, we specialize in all types of screened enclosures. We install and repair, screen and rescreen, build and rebuild everything from window screens to enclosure panels.

To give you an idea of the breadth of services we provide, here is a short list that includes some of the many repairs we can make:

  • Screens for windows, lanais, pool enclosures, and porches with damages ranging from tears and loosened screens, to screens that become brittle over time
  • Screen doors and screen door kickplates
  • Broken or bent window screen corners and frames

We pride ourselves on giving you top-tier service at affordable prices. Many companies will charge you one set price per square foot, usually averaging at about $1.25 per square foot for the most basic of screening materials. Our price is about the same, only we price out the job by the panel, not by the square foot, so you get a more accurate price for the specific panels you need replaced, whether they are for your pool, lanai, or porch.

Materials We Use

During your free, no-obligation consultation with First Coast Home Pros, we will assess your home and your needs, take the measurements necessary to perform the job, and show you an assortment of screen materials we have available to complete the job.

Rescreening jobs can be rather complex so, unfortunately, we cannot give you pricing for rescreening jobs over the phone. We need to be able to see what we will be working with to give you more accurate pricing.

Some of the materials we have available include:

  • Standard and No-See-Um insect screens
  • TuffScreen® and Super Screen® (both come with 10-year warranties)
  • Phifer® and New York Wire® screening products, available in 20/20, 18/14, and 16/14 mesh
  • BetterVue® (though, because the manufacturer discontinued this product in June of 2013, we only have limited quantities available)
  • Pet screens
  • Solar screens

We also offer a wide range of materials for window screening and aluminum framing.

First Coast Home Pros Outperforms the Competition

All too often, our customers tell us they have switched over to us from their prior company because the other repair guys never showed up when they said they would, or kept putting their jobs off until they couldn’t take it anymore and needed to call someone new.

At First Coast Home Pros, we would never conduct our business like this because we know we wouldn’t keep you as a customer much longer. We respect our customers’ schedules and understand they cannot, and should not have to, wait around all day for our servicemen. We keep every appointment we make, from your no-obligation consultation to the day of your service call, and we give you advance notice on those rare occasions when we may run late.

We Work Safely

One thing you need to consider when you hire someone to work on your home is whether they have the right insurance for the job. Chances are good that they will never need it, but it is always good to be prepared just the same. Operations with less than five employees often do not carry worker’s compensation insurance because they are exempt from the law, and they see it as an added expense.

At First Coast Home Pros, we make sure to protect our workers. We use the safest equipment on the market, including high-quality A-frame and extension ladders and walk boards, which allow us to reach the highest points on your home to complete the job efficiently without putting our safety – or your property – in danger. In addition, we are also fully insured, carrying both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

You should never have to worry about a workman getting injured on your property. You shouldn’t have to be anxious thinking about the worker’s equipment causing property damage to your home or surrounding area. We want you to feel completely at ease when you hire First Coast Home Pros to work on your property.

No Third-Party Contractors!

When you hire First Coast Home Pros to do the job, you get First Coast Home Pros, not some third-party contractor. Other companies will farm their work out to get their jobs done quicker – but not First Coast Home Pros. When third-party contractors enter the fray, you could end up paying more money for a shoddy job and more headaches in the future, particularly if you need to call upon a warranty.

We never subcontract to anyone. Our employees and even sometimes our owners are the ones who show up to your home and do the actual work. We stand behind our work and want to reassure our customers that you receive the highest quality service to last you years to come.

If You Require Rescreening for Your Windows, Pool, or Patio, First Coast Home Pros Can Help!

Put up with holes in your screens no longer! At First Coast Home Pros, we offer a free consultation with no obligations to agree to the service, as well as a one-week 100% satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call today at (904) 383-7721 or send us an email at, and let’s get started!