Cleaning windows is not something just anyone can do. It’s hard work to get your windows to a streak-free shine – especially if you have particularly tall windows in your Ponte Vedra Beach home. Everyone has a different definition for “clean” when it comes to windows. However, at First Coast Home Pros, we pride ourselves on being experts in the field of professional window cleaning.

With First Coast Home Pros, you never have to worry about hidden fees or half-hearted work. To show you just how confident we are that you will love your clean windows, we give you a one-week 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can thoroughly analyze the job we’ve done and decide if you’re truly happy with it. Call us today at (904) 383-7721 or email us at to sign up for a free price quote.

Types of Window Cleaning Services We Offer

With several years in this business, we are confident that no one out there cleans windows like First Coast Home Pros cleans windows! Some of the window cleaning services we offer include:

  • Interior and exterior windows, including high windows, vaulted windows, storm windows, and skylights
  • Frame cleaning
  • Sill cleaning
  • Paint removal
  • Mineral deposit removal

When you’ve had your windows cleaned by First Coast Home Pros, you can see the difference. It’s not that your windows are just clean – they make your entire home glow.

Products We Use

At First Coast Home Pros, we only use the very best when it comes to window cleaning products. We start with a high-quality biodegradable solution, which we apply using a thorough but careful squeegee cleaning system. The solution we use does not contain ammonia or phosphates, so it’s strong enough for the toughest window cleaning jobs while also being gentle on your glass and window trim, no matter the materials.

Our pH neutral formula also resists dirt from building up on your windows, which allows our cleaning job to last even longer, and your windows to keep on shining months after our visit!

When Offered a “Free Wash,” Just Say No!

Many painting and pressure washing companies will “throw in” a window washing service if you sign up for a painting or pressure washing service with them. Here’s why that’s bad. Painters are just that – painters – not professional window washers. A window wash performed by a painting or pressure washing service often results in scratched glass, broken seals, and hard water spots.

Other window washers use extension poles to clean taller windows. We don’t. Instead, we use ladders and special tools that allow us to scrub and squeegee the dirt from even the highest window peaks with precision and without scratching your home’s exterior. We also “edge wipe,” something most window cleaners do not do. Edge wiping is exactly what it sounds like: we use lint-free towels to wipe the edges of your windows to remove the water the squeegee leaves behind.

To properly and professionally clean windows, the person doing the cleaning must have the experience, tools, and time necessary to dedicate to the job. Otherwise, it’s nothing more than a rush job, and your windows surely won’t benefit from it.

Never agree to a “wax”, which some window cleaners will try to sell you as a form of protection for your windows. Waxing your windows only makes them look cloudy – the exact opposite of how you want them to look after a professional cleaning.

We Respect Our Customers

At First Coast Home Pros, we aim to leave your home in a better condition than it was when we arrived. To that end, we make sure to work around the shrubbery outside your home, and the furniture in it. We take our shoes off before you invite us inside. Plus, we offer you a 100% week-long satisfaction guarantee after our visit so that if you find you are unsatisfied with the job for any reason, you can let us know, and we’ll do whatever we can to make it right.

We understand that trying to find the right company you can trust to clean your windows is certainly not an easy feat. We want you to feel comfortable that you made the right decision after hiring us for the job, and we’ll do whatever we can to make your window cleaning experience a pleasant one.

Need Your Windows Professionally Cleaned? Call First Coast Home Pros Today!

If you need your windows professionally cleaned in the Ponte Vedra Beach, FL area, First Coast Home Pros can help! Call us for an estimate at (904) 383-7721, and we will provide you with an itemization of all charges on the day of your quote to give you the best possible pricing. You can also email us at to schedule a time for a quote.

At First Coast Home Pros, we aim to provide all our customers with superior quality at affordable prices. Give us a call today – you’ll be amazed to see that your windows have never looked cleaner!