Power washing is a powerful tool to clean your industrial, commercial, and residential properties. As a complete cleaning company, power washing is a specialty of ours. Whether you’re looking for a one-time cleaning or you’d like to schedule routine cleaning services, we have the right packages and services to meet your needs.

Is your commercial or residential property looking a little grimy? Then it’s time to schedule a superior power wash by the professionals of First Coast Home Pros.

Is there a difference between power washing and pressure washing?

Pressure washing and power washing are two effective ways to rejuvenate the exterior look of your home or commercial property.

Power washing is done through a powerful, steady stream of hot water. The water temperature is essential because it’s what allows the washing equipment to work thoroughly. A trained cleaning technician knows how to utilize the temperature gauge settings and mechanisms to remove tough items, including gum on sidewalks and decks.

Simultaneously, a hot stream of water is ideal to kill moss and weeds and rids surfaces of mold, mildew, and built-up bacteria. When you have to blast through a lot of gunk and debris, then it’s best to go with power washing.

On the other hand, pressure washing relies solely on the force of the water stream. It is mostly utilized to clean surface dirt from walkways, walls, patios, and decks. For routine and basic cleaning, you should go with pressure washing rather than power washing.

When you’re in need of deep, thorough cleaning services for your residential or commercial property, it’s time to turn the experts in Jacksonville, Florida, to get the job done right. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate, or to book your power washing service.