Survey results from the 2018 National Cleaning Survey reveal that Americans spend an average of six hours a week cleaning their homes. Many homeowners hire companies to handle their interior and exterior windows to save time.

Professional window cleaners use specialized equipment to eliminate streaks and make glass shine. So, what do professional window cleaners use to wash windows? We have outlined their expert secrets for how to clean windows below.

Squeegees Make Windows Shine

Most window washing pros rely on squeegees to get the job done. Squeegees consist of a rubbed-edged blade and a firm handle. Most window cleaners use ten or twelve-inch devices, depending on the size of the windows they are washing.

The window cleaning instruments have a history that dates back to the Middle Ages. Fishermen used wooden swabs called “squilgees” to remove fish guts from their boats. By the time the 20th century rolled around, window washers had changed the name to squeegee and adopted the tools for window cleaning purposes.

How the Pros Use Squeegees to Clean Windows

Squeegees are safe for most indoor and outdoor windows. Most professionals clean windows from top-to-bottom, starting at the top corner of the glass.

To enhance their efficiency, professionals fit them with sharp rubber blades. It’s best to keep two or three extra blades as backup and never let anything touch the blade when storing the tools.

When using a squeegee, a cleaning tech is careful to press out any extra soapy water or window cleaning solution from the device. This prevents dripping and streaking between strokes.

Scrapers Remove Debris from Glass

Window cleaners use scrapers to remove stains and buildup that accumulate on glass. The devices have a sharp razor blade that eliminates debris without harming the glass. A scraper is excellent for getting rid of:

  • Tape and stickers
  • Paint
  • Construction debris
  • Dirt particles and mud
  • Bird droppings

Scrapers come in various sizes to accommodate all types of windows. A professional window washer will keep multiple scrapers on hand and select the best one for the job. The most popular sizes are five and six-inch scrapers.

How the Pros Use Scrapers to Clean Windows

When using a scraper, it’s critical to scrape on wet glass. Most window washers add a layer of dish soap to lubricate the surface before using the device.

It’s also important to never pull the scraper and instead push it across the glass. A professional will apply even pressure and hold the blade flat to ensure it cuts through the debris without damaging the window. Most scrapers come equipped with a rubber grip to keep the device securely in the user’s hand.

Extension Poles Reach Every Inch of a Window

A professional window cleaning company uses extension poles to ensure every inch of glass gets scrubbed. Extension poles make the window cleaning process safer because they replace the need for ladders or step stools and allow cleaners to stand firmly on the ground.

Window extension poles can extend anywhere from four to thirty feet. Most professionals assemble the bars on the spot so they can choose the length that best accommodates them.

How the Pros Use Extension Poles to Clean Windows

The device features a long pole with a brush at the tip. A window tech will shoot water up a small tube to reach the brush and scrub the glass. When done correctly, the windows should dry without any streaks.

Window Cleaning Solutions Create Streak-Free Glass

Most trained window cleaners create their own cleaning solutions. Window techs will typically combine their solutions with warm water in a large bucket.

Essentially, the solution needs to be strong enough to cut through stubborn dirt and other particles. Some companies use biodegradable mixtures, while others use high-quality liquid dishwashing soap, white vinegar, or specialty cleaning products. But no matter what, you should never let anyone pressure wash or use pressure washing chemicals to clean your windows.

The window type also plays a role in what product a tech uses. For example, large external windows require cleaning agents that can cut through bird droppings. But interior windows need solutions that focus on eliminating dust and fingerprint marks.

Professional Tools Make Windows Sparkle

When it comes to cleaning windows, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. Not only do knowledgeable technicians have access to top-quality cleaning equipment, but they also know how to use them. Misusing the tools can scratch your glass and lead to costly window repairs.

Fortunately, there are plenty of professional window washing services and home improvement specialists who can use squeegees, extension poles, and scrapers to eliminate dirt buildup and make your windows cleaner than ever.