5 Easy Steps to a Cleaner Home

5 Easy Steps to a Cleaner Home

For some reason, we tend to think that knowing how to keep a home clean is a skill that we all have the moment we move out on our own, but this is surely not the case. For many of us, keeping a home clean is like learning a foreign language. We may make an effort, but it never seems to fully work. If you are one of these people, then take heart. There are great tips that can help you keep your home clean. Below, you will find five easy steps that you can use and the difference to your home will be amazing.

Step 1: Use a Timer

Whether it is a mental timer or an actual timer, you need to set a specific time limit in which you will work on cleaning the house. By timing yourself, you will avoid feeling overwhelmed or suffocated by the work that you need to do.

Step 2: Do Random Quick Sweeps

Of course, you will need to truly clean the house on a weekly basis, but at various times throughout the week, simply take five minutes or so and walk through the house with a garbage bag, tossing away any clutter as you go. This will make cleaning easier.

Step 3: Choose a Chore and Do the Whole House

It can be easy to work on a few things here and there, but this will tend to keep you disorganized and will make it hard for you to keep everything clean. Instead, if you decide to dust, then dust the whole house. If you vacuum, then vacuum the whole house. This will keep you on track.

Step 4: Create Organizational Projects

The more organized with various things in your home you are, the more you can keep the clutter down. To keep from getting overwhelmed, choose a room, and choose a way you want to organize. For example, you could choose to organize the junk drawers in the kitchen or the shoes in your closet.

Step 5: Wipe Down the Bathrooms After Showers

Bathrooms can be the hardest rooms to keep clean, especially if you clean them once a week. However, you can make things easier by wiping down the porcelain after showers. The steam from the shower will make everything easy to wipe away and it only takes a minute.

Keeping a clean home may not come as second nature, but you can learn quick, and easy tips like these five that will make sure your home sparkles all the time.

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