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5 Safety Tips to Know BEFORE Pressure Washing

Posted on: May 22nd, 2019 by First Coast Home Pros

Pressure washing is popular DIY house maintenance chore, and with the right prep and technique, it can be a successful one.  However, don’t underestimate the safety concerns. Use our tips to ensure your project goes smoothly and safely!

  1. Read the manual.Before you even start up the pressure washing machine, read over the operating instructions.  High water pressure can cause severe damage to your property, and severe injury to yourself or others, so be sure you learn the correct way to handle the equipment.
  2. Point the tip away from yourself (and others!). Always be sure the tip is directed away from windows and other surfaces that can be shattered, dented, or otherwise damaged.  And even more importantly, always keep the tip pointed away from yourself, other people in the area, and especially kids and pets.  A stream of highly pressurized water can cause extreme damage and harm!
  3. Wear the right gear.Most good professional pressure washers and DIYers alike choose to wear protective coverings such as boots and gloves.  You should definitely wear non-slip shoes, since you’ll be working on wet surfaces.  It’s also recommended that you wear rain jackets or other outer garments that can protect you from getting excessively wet during the project.
  4. Don’t take unnecessary risks.Stay off ladders and scaffolding.  It is easy to become unbalanced while waving around the spray gun, having to adjust the hoses and power cords, and simply from the pressure of spray gun itself. Don’t try to rush, particularly since you’ll be working on wet, slick surfaces.  Don’t use the equipment other than how the manufacturer intends it to be used. 
  5. Know your limits.Pressure washing can be a wet, frustrating, time-consuming task, and the project can become even tougher and more dangerous if you’re unprepared, if you don’t understand the equipment you’re working with, if you don’t do the proper prep work, or if you try to take shortcuts. There’s a reason most homeowners prefer to call a good Jacksonville FL pressure washing company to do the work for them!  The best tip you might hear about your pressure washing project is this:  Call on a great professional pressure washing service to do the work for you! 

First Coast Home Pros is the best pressure washing company Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their homes and property.  Instead of spending your precious time on the wet, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous DIY task of power washing your home, call on us to take care of everything for you!  Ask any of our clients throughout Mandarin, Riverside Avondale, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra Beach and Jacksonville, and they’ll tell you we treat their homes as if they were our own.  We use our training and expertise to get the job done right each and every time.  Call today and let us get started on your project!

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