After Holiday Cleaning: Hire Help

After Holiday Cleaning: Hire Help

family dinnerHaving the family over for the holidays is enjoyable and rewarding in many ways. Seeing people you do not see all of the time is what the holidays are about. They are also about getting together and having a meal, sharing conversations and watching any of the games. A dreaded aspect for any host, though, is the clean up that is required after the holidays. This is when it may be helpful to hire a professional house cleaning service in Jacksonville.

Planning for the occasion has enough time-consuming activities and errands, and by the end of it all, you may be exhausted. A professional house cleaning firm can be contracted to clean the house after the event, so that you can plan and enjoy your holidays, without the dread of cleaning post-party or post-family gathering.

First, though, consider that the time leading right up to the holidays is often marked with a heightened sense of urgency. Your normal cleaning can be taken care of by a professional house cleaning company that treats your home like theirs. It just needs a little help to make sure there is nothing missing or anything that can go awry or embarrass you.

Remember that your time is important and all of the tasks that normally have to be done can and will be done by these professionals. These can include:

  • Kitchens. The wiping of counters and appliances as well as all food preparation surfaces. The microwave can be kept clean as well as sinks and all floors and under things.
  • Living and dining areas. Dusting is a problem for many people and these areas are no different. Draperies can be vacuumed and all walls spotted. The carpets and hard-surface floors will be cleaned and hutches as well as all horizontal surfaces dusted and spotted as needed.
  • Bathrooms. Tub, sinks, and toilets scrubbed and sanitary. All accessories cleaned and left sparkling. Mirrors and cabinets cleaned and spot free. The floors will be sanitary when they leave.
  • All rooms. Light switches cleaned and everything dusted. Washer and dryers wiped down and all bedrooms ready for the night. The children’s rooms will be straightened up, if that is needed. Baseboards need help in many cases and ceiling, wall, and floor vents also need attention.

Handling the Holiday Aftermath

This will take a little coordination with a professional house cleaning service in Jacksonville that provides this exceptional service. You will want to have a two or three-member team come in and do all of deep cleaning that needs to be done. These cleaning services will not have to simply do the basic cleaning, either.

After that family get-together, they can provide:

  • Blind cleaning. These are often forgotten about.
  • Carpet cleaning. Those coffee and drinks spills will discolor the flooring if allowed to set.
  • Chandelier cleaning. This is offered by the truly professionals crews
  • The tile and grout in kitchens and bathrooms need special attention
  • Window cleaning.
  • Pressure washing of the outside of the house and the driveways.
  • Many other duties such as ceiling fans, picture, door and window frames. High ledges, top shelves, and other areas of concern to you can be contracted for and our smiling personnel, trained in all areas of cleaning, will take care of them.

Relax and Enjoy the Holidays

First Coast Home Pros is that company for you in the Jacksonville area. They have been in business since 2002 and can handle all cleaning tasks quickly and to your satisfaction. This is the professional house cleaning service that Jacksonville residents want and deserve. Recovery from the holidays has never been easier.

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