Maintaining your home’s countertops may not be something you have thought about doing recently, but it could be critical to keeping them looking their best for years to come. Our Fernandina Beach stone countertop sealing services at First Coast Home Pros can make the job easy to manage. With highly experienced technicians who can get the job done for you quickly, you can count on us to help you today with our Fernandina Beach natural stone cleaning service.

When to Obtain Stone Countertop Sealing Services

Many stone countertops have a porous surface layer, which means that dirt, debris, bacteria, viruses, and other particles can get into these crevices and hide there. Sealants help to create a seal over the top of the surface to eliminate this risk. That means less damage to the stone, limited staining, and better overall protection.

Cleaning & home improvement services in Fernandina Beach are a necessary investment for those who have granite, marble, and other natural stones. If the company that installed your countertops told you that you would need to upgrade and maintain the sealant, our team can help you. This process allows you to protect that stone over the long term.

How often you should do so depends on several factors, including the type of stone, the frequency and type of use of your countertops, and the overall maintenance they receive. If you use harsh chemicals on the stone or clean them frequently, the sealant wears down faster than those that do not. We encourage you to have our team out at least once a year (or every other year) to inspect and seal your countertops.

What Sealing Does for Your Countertops

When our technicians come to your home to seal your countertops, the process does not take long, but the results are fantastic. You may notice some changes right away, but most of the time, you will not because sealants are meant to be clear. When you seal your countertops, you benefit from:

  • Locking out moisture from penetrating into the porous granite
  • Protecting the surface from knives and other sharp objects
  • Creating a barrier between the stone and bacteria and viruses
  • Extending the life of the stone to help it last much longer looking its best
  • Protect your home’s value over time

Sealants can provide you with peace of mind. Because they work so well, they can preserve the natural beauty of the stone in your home for years to come. That means you will not have to replace them due to stains or damage.

Sealants Block Out the Risks to Your Home’s Countertops

Investment in kitchen countertops is critical when it comes to sealants. You need to be sure the right type of sealant is placed on the stone and that the application process is done well. The right sealant can help protect your stone from:

  • Grease
  • Liquid stains like wine and juice
  • Sauces
  • Cleaning agents
  • Dirt

We utilize the best type of sealants for the type of stone you have. Not all products are the same in how they work or how long they last. With professional stone countertop sealing services, you know the job is done properly to minimize any further risk to your countertops, so call First Coast Home Pros today and learn more about our company.

We Start by Cleaning Your Countertops

Set up an appointment for our team to come to you for stone countertop sealing services in Fernandina Beach. We will arrive ready to go. The first step is to properly and thoroughly clean the countertops to remove all of the particles from them.

  • To do this, we will utilize hot water, the proper chemicals, and high pressure to remove the debris and dirt from the countertop.
  • This process does not damage your countertops, but it may help remove some stains and buildup areas.
  • The sealant is not able to be put on until this is done to ensure a proper level of protection over time.

Our technicians utilize the most effective strategies for protecting countertops like this. You can trust us with your marble, granite, soapstone, and even rare countertop materials. We do the job properly to ensure you are restoring your countertops as fully as possible.

What You Get from Our Team

When you trust First Coast Home Pros with your home’s countertop sealing, you get exceptional service. We customize every project to ensure the work is done based on the type of stone you have and your manufacturer’s recommendations. We offer a variety of key benefits when you choose us:

  • 100% guarantee on all of our countertop sealing and cleaning for 1 full week. During that time, if there is any concern, we will handle it for you.
  • Exceptional service from start to finish is a promise to you. Our team is committed to ensuring that you are fully satisfied and that your needs are met the first time we come out.
  • Outstanding support from highly trained technicians matters. Your countertops are a valuable investment in your home. You need to know that a well-trained and skilled technician is handling this work for you.

When you hire First Coast Home Pros for stone countertop sealing services, you get the results you need the first time. Reach out to us for a consultation if you are not sure what you need completed. You can also schedule an appointment with us now to find out what we suggest.

We Use Only the Best Products

Sealing your countertops is a critical decision and one we take seriously. We only use the highest quality of sealants and ensure the job is done with a very careful level of attention to detail. That helps keep your investment looking its best for years to come.

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