Beautiful hardwood floors are a showcase to any home. Your investment in hardwood flooring can be optimized with regular cleaning and maintenance, making the beauty of the floor last longer. They are easy to maintain on a daily basis, but an occasional professional wood floor cleaning in Ponte Vedra Beach is necessary from time to time.

First Coast Home Pros includes thorough washing of your wood floor and a coating of protectant to return the original glow. Your sparkling clean floors will be easier to maintain and newly protected from scuffs and damage. Let our highly-rated local pros add value and beauty to your home and your floors that you can be proud to show off.

Why Should I Use a Professional Floor Cleaning Service?

If you are thinking about whether or not to hire a professional to come and clean your floors, here are a few things to consider about the benefits of having your wood floors cleaned. 

  • Nothing makes wood floors shine in your Ponte Vedra Beach home more than a professional cleaning service.
  • Professional wood floor cleaners in Ponte Vedra Beach have the necessary tools and equipment to make the most of a floor cleaning job. They can get a deeper clean than would be possible with regular home cleaning techniques.
  • Getting a professional clean at least once a year helps to protect one of the most valuable assets of your home. Your flooring will sometimes outlast furniture, wall coverings, paint colors, and other aesthetic traits of your home. It pays to protect them as much as possible.
  • Costly sanding and improvement projects can be easily avoided with a professional wood floor cleaning from our specialized home services.

How Does First Coast Clean Wood Floors?

Our wood floor cleaning process attacks built-up residue, dirt, and grease without harming your delicate wood. The effective cleaning technique we use involves two steps that remove dirt and built-up residue. This deep cleaning will help your floors stay clean for an extensive period of time.

Our simple cleaning method is efficient and effective and will revitalize your hardwood flooring fast. The cleaning involves:

  • An aggressive high-alkaline wood floor cleaner that removes grime
  • An alcohol-based cleaner to neutralize the pH of the floor and inhibit moisture

Our Ponte Vedra Beach hardwood floor cleaning service is perfect for maintaining your floor regularly and is the ideal preparation for a wood finish coat. The quality of our cleaning products ensures that your wood floors will stay in shape.

How Much Does Your Wood Floor Cleaning Service Cost?

When it comes to cleaning your hardwood floors, you may be weary of how much it will cost. Some wood floor maintenance companies can be excessively expensive. But that’s not how our wood floor maintenance team works. We don’t believe in adding hidden fees and charging you more than we need to. 

We’re here to ensure that you see a huge difference in your wood floors and that they’re in wonderful condition when we’re done with them. The price of our wood floor cleaning services depends on the size of your floor and how much work it needs.

We offer a free estimate in which we can tell you how much it will cost to clean your wood floors. One of our Ponte Vedra Beach wood floor cleaning specialists will come to your home and give you an estimate.

Will My Floors Need to Be Sanded First?

Unless your hardwood floor has extensive damage or buildup, sanding is usually not necessary. In some cases, special considerations may be necessary if floors were treated with paste or acrylic waxes or acrylic polishes.

Sanding your floors gives you the highest chances of your wood floors looking brand new when we finish cleaning them.In these cases, we recommend that you sand your hardwood floors before we arrive to clean them. 

If your wood floors have any of these features, you should consider sanding them before having them cleaned: 

  • Exposed wood is showing through your floor’s finish coat
  • Deep scratches, cracks, or gaps
  • Variations in the stain color
  • Stains from pets discolor the wood

By sanding your floors before our Ponte Vedra Beach cleaning team arrives, it’ll be easier for us to make your floors look brand new again.

Do I Need to Restore My Hardwood Floors Before Your Team Cleans Them?

A majority of the homes’ floors that we clean don’t require restoration. But if your house is older and your floors are severely damaged, it’s a good idea to restore them before we clean them. 

By doing this, you’ll ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your new and freshly cleaned hardwood floors. If you don’t restore them, the cleaning could do more damage than good by allowing excess moisture to seep into cracks and gaps which could lead to mold.

What Is the Best Way to Regularly Maintain My Wood Floor?

Some simple, low-maintenance cleaning tips and tricks will keep your floors in tip-top shape and help you to avoid unnecessary damage. Here are our most important hints for maintaining your hardwood floors:


Once a day, sweep your floors to keep them free of soil, dust, and debris that can become embedded in the grains of your wood floor. High-traffic areas need the most attention and should be swept free of debris once a day.

Under and around the islands or cabinetry is a magnet for dust, so don’t forget to sweep in these corners and crevices. Areas that have less traffic, like under the furniture or in rooms that are used less often, can be swept less often.

Spot sweeping after meals, food preparation, or visitors can go a long way toward maintaining the beauty of a wood floor and make your chores much lighter on cleaning days. Living in a beautiful area like Ponte Vedra Beach is sure to bring some sand to your floors, so sweep up!


Run a mop over the floor weekly with a cleaner that is designed for wood floors. This is a biggie: do not use soaps, abrasives, disinfectants, or cleaners that are not specifically formulated for cleaning woods. The wood structure is often porous, so it is able to be infiltrated by liquids and can be damaged by harsh chemicals and ruin a floor faster than you can imagine.

Invest in a soft mop, keeping your mopping gentle to avoid scratching the wood with the attachment mechanism. Cloth mops are your best bet, and use caution not to puddle the water to avoid water stains and warp.


Don’t overwet your floor when you are cleaning at home. Cover the floor, but don’t drown it with so much liquid that it pools or takes a long time to dry. Moisture is the number one enemy of wood flooring, so dampness is the key when using your mop.

Clean the stairs and corners of your wood floor by hand when necessary. Just use the same cleaning solution, and get on your hands and knees with a soft cloth. It’s not necessary to do this very often, but it works wonders when you do and goes a long way in preventing damage due to moisture.


Add a quality finish to the wood to protect the floor. Most mass-marketed floor finishes will leave a waxy look to your wood flooring and tend to peel very quickly. For this reason, it’s probably a better idea to invest in professional service from First Coast Home Pros to clean and finish your floors.

Whether you have bamboo, pine, oak, or maple floors, we can clean them and restore their lustrous beauty. Our wood floor cleaning experts understand how to get your floors sparkling clean, providing your Ponte Vedra Beach home with a gleaming wood floor that you will love.

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