Natural stone maintenance is key. If you have a St. Johns County, FL home with stone surfaces, clean them the right way — if you do not, stains and other damage can occur. With St. Johns County cleaning and home improvement services, you can keep your stone clean long into the future. 

First Coast Home Pros is the top choice for natural stone cleaning services in St. Johns County. We offer full-service stone cleaning backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To find out more, contact us today. 

Types of Natural Stone in St. Johns County Homes

Natural stone represents a popular option in St. Johns County homes. It is durable, naturally beautiful, and requires very little maintenance. Along with these things, stone that is natural may help you increase your home’s value. 

There is no surefire type of stone used in residences. You can select a stone that complements your personal style and budget — and the one you choose must be cleaned and maintained accordingly. Here are some of the most commonly used types of stone seen in St. Johns County houses:


You can pick up marble tiles in a variety of colors, designs, and finishes. Marble is resistant to shattering and serves as an excellent insulator. It also looks and performs well in a kitchen, bathroom, and many other areas of a home. 


Travertine is a top flooring material, due in part to its versatility and appearance. It is easy to shape and cut travertine tiles so that they can accommodate any floor layout. In addition to flooring, travertine can be utilized for countertops, sink basins, and other surfaces. 


Granite is often used to revamp kitchen countertops. It is resistant to chips and scratches, heat, and stains. You should have no trouble customizing granite countertops to complement your kitchen’s decor, too. 

These stone types and others have varying levels of porosity, i.e., the percentage of empty space in a rock. The porosity and other factors impact how you clean stone. First Coast Home Pros can help you clean your stone without compromising its appearance — contact us to learn more. 

Natural Stone Cleaning Tips

Proper cleaning of natural stone can reduce the risk of etching and discoloration. There are many things you can do on a day-to-day basis to protect against these issues and others. These include:

  • Make sure any cleaner you use is designed for natural stone surfaces. If you utilize a glass cleaner or any other product that contains harsh chemicals, you risk damaging your surfaces. 
  • Clean your door mats and rugs. If you have door mats and rugs, clean them regularly since this will help you avoid tracking dirt and other debris into your home that could damage your stone floors. 
  • Be careful when you vacuum. Do not drag a vacuum attachment across your stone floors, as doing so can damage them. 
  • Dry stone surfaces with a soft towel. As soon as you clean a surface, use a soft towel to dry it to avoid spotting. 

These everyday cleaning tips can help you optimize your stone’s appearance. Another thing to keep in mind is using a sealant on your stone. Your sealant can safeguard your surfaces against stains. 

What Not to Do to Clean Natural Stone

Avoid bathroom, grout, and tub and tile cleaners since they may contain acid that damages natural stone. Dry and soft cleansers should also be avoided. These are abrasive and can degrade your surfaces to the point where you may need to restore or repair them. 

Scouring pads and steel wool are abrasive as well. If you use either one on a natural stone surface, it may leave scratches and etches behind. These will stay on your surfaces and mar their appearance. 

If you want to partner with a natural stone cleaning services provider, do not choose one unless it has a wealth of experience. The best company for cleaning stone has many years of experience and takes care of its customers. It understands the types of stone and how to clean and maintain them.  

How to Use St. Johns County Natural Stone Cleaning Services

You can use natural stone cleaning services for your home’s floors, countertops, and other surfaces. Cleaning products can be used based on your stone’s nature and composition. Several types of products may be used to clean your stones.

For example, a pH-neutral cleaner can be used to clean and maintain various floorings and other surfaces. The cleaner is considered “neutral” because it has a pH between 6.5 and 7.5. At this level, the product is classified as non-hazardous. 

Make sure any cleaner you use is safe for use on the type of stone in your home. Otherwise, the cleaner you believe will make your stone look great can actually damage its appearance. If you want extra help, a St. Johns County stone cleaning services provider can assist. 

What to Expect from a Stone Cleaning Services Company

Your company may offer tile and grout cleaning and similar services. It can learn about you and what cleaning services you need. The business can then give you a personalized estimate that outlines its services and the costs associated with them. 

Expect the business to send its team to your home at a date and time that work well for you. Team members can keep you up to date as they clean your home’s natural stone surfaces. They can answer frequently asked questions and many others about cleaning and maintaining these services. 

After cleaning has been completed, your company should stand behind its work. The top cleaning services provider for stone guarantees its week for one week. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your stone cleaning, the business can send its team back to your house to make things right. 

Get Started with Natural Stone Cleaning Services

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