House Cleaning FAQ

House Cleaning FAQ

window cleaningHow do I know what services will cost?

Great question! First Coast Home Pros offers free estimates and no travel charges, providing you with the best possible service estimate for cleaning services in Jacksonville, FL. It will cost you absolutely nothing for a professional to come to your home and speak with you regarding your individual needs.

What are the differences between Maintenance House Cleaning and Move In/Move Out Cleaning?

Maintenance cleaning includes dusting surfaces, wiping counters, vacuuming, and mopping among other standard cleaning services. Move In/Move Out cleaning services includes these services and others intended for vacant homes. This can include cleaning vent covers, window sills, removing fingerprints from surfaces, scrubbing bathroom fixtures, and cleaning out the insides of appliances like the refrigerator. If your home isn’t vacant but you want one or a few of these services, just let us know and we can include this detail cleaning for you in your estimate.

Do you clean windows?

You bet we do! Interior and exterior, we have all your window needs covered. We even do skylights! Even better, when we clean your windows, we include the frame and screens. Call today for an estimate.

Do you clean carpets?

First Coast Home Pros has amazing carpet cleaning equipment. The truck mounted carpet cleaning technology we offer keeps water hotter and suction higher, meaning a cleaner carpet for you. We are proud to say no one can compare with our carpet cleaning services in Jacksonville, FL! In addition to carpets, First Coast Home Pros also offers tile and grout cleaning, and wood floor care.

Why should I consider Air Duct Cleaning?

Air ducts work to convey heated or cooled air around your home. Because of this normal circulation, dust and debris can accumulate in those ducts. This debris can be heavier in some homes than others based on if your home has pets or smokers. Accumulation can also come from dust during remodels or other home projects. Cleaning the air ducts increases indoor air quality, and also helps to maintain the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

What is Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Everyone knows to clear out the lint trap in the dryer, but did you know that the lint trap can only do part of the job? Smaller bits of lint end up in the dryer vent that allows hot air to vent from the dryer to outside the home. These vents go from the dryer to exits on the side or roof of your home. When the lint in these vents builds up, not only does your drier use more energy, it can create a very serious fire hazard. First Coast Home Pros thoroughly cleans the internal and external vents, to ensure removal of all lint build up. It is recommended that a vent cleaning be done once every one or two years.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We sure do! We offer a 100% guarantee on all of our services. Your satisfaction is our priority!

I’d like to know more about your employees.

We at First Coast Home Pros know your home is your castle. That is why we take great care in selecting technicians. All of our technicians undergo a rigorous screening process including a criminal background check. The technicians are bonded and insured, and are committed to providing the highest standard of service. To ensure your satisfaction, our technicians are given highly specialized training, along with the best available supplies and equipment for the job.

What areas does First Coast Home Pros serve?

First Coast Home Pros offers cleaning services in the Jacksonville, FL area including areas within Duval, St. John’s, Nassau and Clay counties. Check here to see if we offer services in your zip code.

If you are not sure if your home is within our service area, feel free to contact us!
First Coast Home Pros have the knowledge and tools to help your home look fantastic. From floor to roof, we have you covered. We also offer home improvement services, such as deck refinishing, gutter repair, and screen repair or replacement. We are proud to serve Duval, St Johns, Nassau, and Clay Counties. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

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