Best Places for Germs to Hide

Best Places for Germs to Hide

Insider Guide from the Jacksonville, FL Cleaning Experts

We’re sure you do not walk inside your home and immediately begin to look for spots where germs and bacteria can accumulate. However, it is good to know the hotspots in your house so you are aware of the areas you need to tackle more than others or if you should bring a professional in to clean those areas on a regular basis. You would be surprised where germs and bacteria like to live.

Let’s start with the kitchen. This is where you and your family cook meals, eat, clean, and if you are like most families, this is the room where everyone tends to conjugate. The sponge is one of the most germ filled items in your kitchen and this is what you use to clean your dishes with and probably your counter tops as well. We aren’t saying never to use a sponge but throw them out every couple of weeks or even every week. They are extremely cheap (as low as $1 at some stores). Don’t forget the cutting board that you cut your fruits, vegetables, and meats on. Remember to clean that cutting board every time you use it because bacteria from the raw meat and vegetables will linger and spread onto your counter tops making your kitchen a living cesspool for bacteria.

Now let’s move on to the bathroom. The toilet is a perfect bacteria home. I’m sure we do not have to tell you why exactly it is but we would recommend cleaning your bathroom every couple of days. You would be surprised how a quick wipe down of countertops and some bleach in the toilet will reduce the amount of bacteria in your bathroom.

Pet beds and litter boxes are areas that should be cleaned and maintained daily if not multiple times a day. We know that you are busy but it is very important to clean your cat’s litter box as much as you can to reduce the bacteria that can grow inside and around that area. Also, wash your animal’s bed once a week. The dander that they leave when scratching and sleeping in their bed is filled with bacteria.

Washing your sheets and bed spread is also very important to keeping the bacteria and germs in your bedroom to a minimum. The dead skin and hair that we shed while sleeping may surprise you and all of it collects on and in your sheets and mattress. Keeping your sheets and mattress clean could really reduce the chances of you getting sick.

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