Caring for Leather Furniture

Caring for Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture is often purchased with intention to be a lifetime investment. Leather is a natural, durable product and over time as the leather ages it tends to look even better than before. Many choose leather furniture because of its elegance and durability. Leather lasts much longer than fabric, where leather wears fabric tends to just wear out.

Therefore, caring for leather furniture is vital.

Things we want to avoid in order to ensure your leather furniture lasts:

  • Direct Sunlight: This tends to dry out Leather as well as fade the color, especially if the leather has been dyed.
  • Do not use Cleaning Solvents, Polish, Oils, Detergent Soaps, or Abrasive Cleaners on your leather furniture.

Because leather is a natural product it is important to remember that it requires care to maintain its quality and appearance.

This can be achieved by cleaning and conditioning the leather every six months to a year.  If you are unsure how to properly do this, hire a professional who can safely care for your leather.

First Coast Home Pros has Highly Trained Technicians who can clean & condition your leather furniture with care. Call today to schedule a free estimate.

Regular conditioning will ensure that your leather furniture will last for years to come.

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