Common Gutter Problems

damaged gutter system. 

Common Gutter Problems

When it comes to your gutters, it’s important to know that the cleaner they are, the better your home will be kept. There are many misconceptions that gutter systems aren’t important, but that is wrong. 

Common gutter problems affect your home after time, especially if they are unattended to by professionals regularly. Rainwater can damage your home’s foundation, and leaks coming from your gutter can cause exterior damage. 

Examples of Common Gutter Problems You Should Be Aware of

By looking after your gutters and asking our professionals at First Coast Home Pros for assistance, your gutter systems won’t face any of these common gutter problems. 

Gutters That Are Not Draining

If your gutters aren’t draining, it could be due to a clogged gutter. This is the most common issue that we find with gutters. 

When your gutters become clogged, they cannot drain properly, and in some cases could overflow during storms. If water can’t pass through easily, foundational problems could begin to occur. 

Leaks and Holes in Your Gutter 

If you find that there are streams of water leaking from your gutter, it can indicate that there are holes in your gutter. Leaks and holes are very common issues that you could face and are a simple fix sometimes. 

If left unmaintained or treated, your gutters could become more seriously damaged and allow large portions of water to leak into your home or other unwanted places. 

Damaged Gutters

Damaged gutters can occur from many factors, but most commonly are caused by inclement weather. If you are experienced with severe storms, gutters can be ripped off your home or damaged. Some sections could be replaced or fixed, but professional help will be required for more serious damages. 

Sagging Gutters

When some of the above gutter problems are left untreated, your gutters can begin to sag. Sticks, leaves, and debris can weigh gutters down and cause serious problems. In some cases, you will need a full replacement for your gutter system. 

However, this common gutter problem might be due to loose hooks or the siding and roofing of your home. If this is the case, installing new hooks or securing systems could be done. But of course, it’s always best to ask the help of professionals to ensure it’s done correctly. 

An Inadequate or Outdated Gutter System

Some homes may not have gutter systems, or they are old and outdated if they do. It’s important to make sure your system is high functioning and new so that it does its job correctly. 

You, or previous homeowners, may improperly install older gutter systems. If water is to flow properly, the channels need to be installed at the necessary angles. You can figure this out if you simply go up on your ladder and see if there is space between your home and the gutter system. 

In cases such as this, it’s imperative that you seek professional assistance in order to ensure your gutters are properly installed to do their job. 

What Are the Benefits of Clean Gutters?

Functioning gutters are a key part of any home. All homes should have high-functioning gutters, and now, builders and townships are recognizing their importance in the early stages of building. 

Here is why gutter cleaning is beneficial: 

  • Many foundational problems can be eliminated 
  • Potential flooding under your home could be avoided
  • Stabilized soil around the house will remain intact
  • The prevention of erosion
  • Water damage to your siding, brick, and stone can be prevented
  • Water will stay clear of windows and doors

Why Should You Get Your Gutters Professionally Cleaned?

Chances are if you have gutter systems in your home, they aren’t being cleaned or maintained properly. Or, maybe you are cleaning them out, but maybe not as frequently. If you wait to clean your gutters until it’s too late, you will experience far more damage and will need to spend a lot more money to get them back to normal. 

Lets face it—it’s important to clean your gutters. By reaching out to professional cleaners for combating the most common gutter problems, the benefits have never been more clear. There are steps that professionals can take in order to properly do the job. 

This includes:

  • Using the necessary tools: Our experts have ladders at the correct lengths so that no home gutter system is out of our reach. This way, we will be able to tackle any issues that arise with ease.
  • Removing unnecessary debris: The tools we use are powerful and can eliminate anything in your gutter systems. Whether we use industrial strength vacuums or trowels, your common gutter problems will be wiped out. 
  • Flushing out your gutters: Power washers are incredibly helpful for this task, and must be utilized. 
  • Inspecting your gutters after cleaning: Once your glutters are cleared and inspected of holes, we will look at your gutters mounting and stability of the whole system. By making sure everything is functioning properly, common gutter problems down the line could be avoided. 

Reach Out to Us for Solutions to Your Common Gutter Problem 

If you find your gutters undergoing any issues, your best bet is to reach out to First Coast Home Pros. We schedule appointments based on your needs, and won’t keep you waiting. We know just as well as you that a home is a great asset to many, and when it gets compromised, actions must be taken. 

To schedule an appointment with us, or to get a free estimate, contact us today. The quicker you reach out, the quicker we can eliminate the common problems with your gutter. 

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