Carpet Maintenance and Detecting Stains

Carpet Maintenance and Detecting Stains


Keeping carpets clean can often be challenging for homeowners. Replacing carpets can be very expensive. Therefore, maintaining and protecting your carpet is very important.  Many carpet manufacturers even require your carpets to be professionally cleaned at least once every 12 months or else they can void the warranty on your carpets.

Clean carpets are important in any home, not only because they are more attractive, clean carpets are also healthier. No one wants their children crawling and playing on soiled or dirty carpets. However, just because your carpets appear clean to the naked eye, they may not be as clean as you think.  In fact, the carpets in your home act like a filter, trapping all of the particulate that circulates through the air in your home.  In addition to professional carpet cleaning at least every 12 months, we recommend vacuuming your carpets daily!  At least 80% of the soil in your carpets can be removed with simply vacuuming if done often enough.

Stains from pets and other accidents may go undetected allowing them to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers.  Identifying the source of these undetected stains can be just as difficult as removing them.  One tip for identifying pet and other protein stains is to use a black light.  Without the proper identification, these undetected stains can accumulate making your carpet a haven for all kinds of unsanitary organisms.

This type of carpet cleaning job requires the use of specialized cleaning equipment and carpet cleaning solutions to clean properly.  Fortunately, First Coast Home Pros in Jacksonville has the equipment needed to detect and remove stains like these. Our technicians are armed with IICRC training and the experience needed to provide you with exceptional service. By using only the best and most effective methods, our technicians can ensure that your carpets will be clean and safe for everyone.

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