Clean Living and Longevity – How They Go Hand in Hand

Clean Living and Longevity – How They Go Hand in Hand

Living in cleanliness with a sense of order is an essential component to increasing one’s longevity. There are numerous activities that can be performed to help maintain cleanliness in the home, to produce more vibrancy in our daily living and better health. Usually, it begins with routines and habits. While bad habits tend to create a cluttered lifestyle, developing good habits can instantly create order and cleanliness. How we think and act in our daily life will greatly affect our response to living in our own environment.

Creating Vibrant Health

The key to vibrant health is living in a clean environment around your home, in your neighborhood and at work. This includes:

  • Breathing Clean Oxygen – Spending just over one fourth of our total life at our jobs, it is imperative to breathe clean oxygen in the workplace. Additionally, it is essential to have a clean air environment at home. Keeping far away from dust, harmful bacteria along with other contaminants and particulates will help generate more vibrant health, in every breath taken.


  • A Clean Home Environment – Living in a clean environment at home will help support a healthier lifestyle. To improve the quality of living, it is imperative to maintain a clean home both inside and out.


  • A Clean Neighborhood Environment – The environment where we live will help determine the quality of our daily life. A supportive environment in the neighborhood will include fresh water and clean air.

Maintaining a Clean Home

It is critical to determine the activities around the home that produce the highest value of optimizing your health. By setting up routines, you can ensure you are managing the order of your life by prioritizing a cleaner lifestyle.

Maintaining the Floors and Walls

The carpets and fabrics in the home can quickly become a harbor for dust, dust mites, bacteria, contaminants and harmful particulates. It might take more than simply vacuuming away the problem. Alternatively, a deep housecleaning on a monthly or biweekly basis can minimize much of the problem. While the walls and windows might be more challenging to keep clean, washing down ceramic tiles and adding fresh coats of VOC paint can eliminate many cleanliness issues in the home.

Clean living is not always just about what you can see. Cleaning air ducts and dryer vents can help to avert many common health issues. The buildup of harmful particulates in the ductwork that pushes air through the home can quickly cause allergies to escalate, eyes to burn and trouble with breathing. Finding a sense of order through routine housecleaning is a quick way to develop a more vibrant, healthier lifestyle.

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