Fall Décor

Fall Décor

Yes people. It’s that time of year again. The air is changing, the leaves are turning to deep colors of red and yellow and you can finally put on a long sleeve shirt. Since the weather is changing along with the outside colors (I like to call them Fall colors), the décor in your home should reflect this lovely time of year as well.

Classic fall colors are deep reds and soft yellows, a deep, dark orange and different shades of green and brown. These colors tend to soften your home and keep it warm as the temperature starts to drops outside. Pumpkins and other types of gourds do not have to be contained to just Halloween. Placing these around your home in little nooks and crannies really makes the feel of Autumn come alive in your home.

A fall wreath is always fun to make and immediately sets the tone for your home before guests even step foot inside. You could make a wreath of faux autumn color leaves. You can buy these at any type of craft store. You could also incorporate small, multi-colored gourds in that wreath of yours to really add some bulk. Super glue would do the trick just fine.

I know that not everyone has time for projects like making a wreath but there are plenty of “in a second” fall decorations that can be put together with little to no time. A clear, thin vase filled with long, stemmed, bright colored leaves (fake or real) always makes for a lovely centerpiece on a coffee table or the kitchen table. Perhaps even getting an old chest and filling it with pumpkins and other brightly colored gourds is a cool idea to put in the living room.

There are so many different ideas for decorating for fall and it’s pretty simple as well. Just remember the colors and bring them into your home to create a soft and warm atmosphere for you, your family and friends!

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