Featured Service: Blind Cleaning

Featured Service: Blind Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your blinds is going to offer a number of benefits. Learn why you should contact the professionals at First Coast Home Pros!

If you live in the Jacksonville area, then First Coast Home Pros are the people you want to call when it comes to professional blind cleaning services. There are a number of benefits to be enjoyed by having your blinds professionally cleaned. For example, it makes your blinds look beautiful, extends their lifespan, and removes dust mites, grease, smoke, and other allergens from your surrounding environment.

First Coast Home Pros are unique in the fact that they have developed their own customized cleaning solution and system that offers a vast improvement over traditional dry cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning methods. Their safe techniques and cleaning solutions will leave your blinds looking wonderful without compromising their integrity or introducing harsh chemicals into your home. Their cleaning methods can be applied to the following window treatments:

  • mini blinds
  • micro-mini blinds
  • wooden blinds
  • faux wooden blinds
  • vertical blinds
  • duette shades
  • pleated shades
  • fabric blinds
  • And many more…

For the majority of window treatments, such as faux wooden blinds, most types of fabric shades, and mini blinds, the blinds will be removed from your windows and carefully transported to First Coast’s blind treatment facility. Here, they will be treated with a second to none cleaning treatment using their patented water submersion cleaning system. Other types of window treatments, such as plantation shutters and wooden blinds, will be cleaned in your home by hand with meticulous attention to detail. You can even watch them do it!

First Coast Home Pros will make an appointment with you, at a convenient time, to come to your home, safely remove your blinds, and then transport them to their cleaning facility. After the blinds have been transformed, they will be returned to your home and reinstalled exactly how they were the day they were removed, except that they will be renewed, restored, and wonderfully clean!

From start to finish, First Coast Home Pros wants to ensure that the entire blind cleaning process is convenient for you. You won’t have to lift a finger during the entire process. In most instances, your cleaning project can be completed in the same day. How does that sound for convenience? You will never have to worry about being separated from your blinds for days at a time.

First Coast Home Pros proudly stands behind the quality of their work, and they offer a 100% guarantee on the services offered for a minimum of one week.

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