Featured Service: Gutter Cleaning for the Spring

Featured Service: Gutter Cleaning for the Spring

The surest way to maintain the value and beauty of your family home is to perform routine gutter cleaning. Anytime the gutters become full of debris and leaves, the problem can cause the system to become heavy and pull away (fall off) from the home. Unprotected by the gutter system, the fascia boards at the end of the roof can rot, along with the soffits beneath. A clogged gutter system that remains connected to the fascia board can allow water to leak behind the gutter system and eventually find its way into the interior of the home. It is critical to provide leaf relief to ensure the protection of the gutter. Prevent Basement and Foundation Flooding The gutter was installed on the home to prevent basement flooding and damage to the foundation. It helps prevent the potential of rotting wood, along with the destruction of the home’s landscape. It helps eliminate the potential for cockroach, mosquito and termite infestations. Most importantly, an active working gutter system will control the growth of mold on the exterior of the home. In time, an inefficient gutter system can produce any one of these problems. The solutions to these issues can be extremely time-consuming and expensive to repair. Routine maintenance is essential to ensure that the gutter remains free flowing and completely clear. The Advantages of a Clean Gutter There are specific advantages to keeping a gutter clean and free flowing year-round. Those advantages include:

  • An Extended Lifespan – Clean gutters will extend the lifecycle of the gutter system and prevent rotting on the fascia boards.


  • Reduced Moisture – It minimizes dampness and moisture in the basement, and protects the foundation.


  • Flows Water Away – By flowing water away from the home, the gutter system removes the buildup of standing water at the foundation, and diminishes the potential of damaging the landscaping.

Repair or Replace While nearly any gutter can be repaired, often times the cost of fixing the problem can be higher than simply replacing the entire system. Other times, gutters can be easily repaired using a high-quality sealant that is significantly less expensive than the total expense of replacement. The Lifespan of a Gutter System Typically, gutter systems can last 20 to 25 years, and significantly longer in areas of the country that have a warmer climate. With the proper pitch and correct installation, they can last up to 30 years. With proper gutter system maintenance, the home can be protected from water damage for many years. Gutters that experience high levels of moisture tend to develop the biggest problems. This is a result of the water or moisture eating way at the interior sealant. A maintenance tune up every spring will help minimize problems caused by water and rust.

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