Give your Screened in Porch or Deck a Makeover

Give your Screened in Porch or Deck a Makeover

Jacksonville screen repairExterior additions to primary house structures are a boon that’s most appreciated in subtropical and tropical climates; its why screened-in porch or deck areas are often called “Florida rooms.” Indeed, many old-time Floridians used screened porches and decks as bedrooms for much of the year. With average highs above 65 degrees year-round across Jacksonville, it’s never the wrong season to give your outdoor living spaces a makeover.

Deck Refinishing

Begin your project with the basics; work upward from a clean, refinished, well-maintained floor. In any coastal, saline climate, a proper regimen of deck care is necessary to preserve both beauty and value. In the subtropics, cycles of heavy rain, massive humidity and baking heat make this even more imperative. Without an ongoing schedule of necessary upkeep, wood will rot and investments will be lost. Maintenance projects should include periodic pressure washing and re-staining or repainting, board replacement, even composite finishing.

Floor Treatments

Remember that, above all else, your sun porch is an outside room; it’s likely to see all manner of hurried through-traffic from scampering kids and grand kids. While rugs, throw pillows and the like create focal points and great ambiance, be aware of potential trip hazards.


Time spent in your outdoor retreat should be relaxing and fun. Consider the relocation of any equipment, such as noisy air conditioner compressors, that would detract from your Me Time. If the sun porch is overlooked by neighboring houses, a landscaping screen of shrubs, low palms and climbing vines on trellises will solve the problem while adding tropical ambiance to the setting.


Bamboo tables and chairs, potted ferns, woven fabrics and filigreed chaise lounges are all classic tropical-themed additions for spaces dedicated to socializing, dining, or just reading a book. Flea markets are a great resource for this type of material, usually at bargain-basement prices. Remember, though, that re-purposed items may not be as clean as you’d wish, and that contamination can negatively affect the adherence of paint and other finishes.


While you have professional house cleaners at your home, consider using their services for other projects; it’s often cheaper to arrange one visit than several. A good cleaning company should also be able to take care of projects from carpets up to chandeliers, ducts down to decks, all the way from pressure-washing the drive to cleaning your roof and gutters.

Screen Repair and Replacement

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link; one hole in an otherwise impervious enclosure will be exploited by airborne and flying pests, to the extent that you wonder why you have the other screens at all. From single windows to entire lanais, comprehensive upkeep is a must. Brittle screens are sure to fracture; tears are sure to get larger, bent screen frames will cause tensions in the mesh that lead to failure. Professionals should be happy to undertake anything from the smallest job, perhaps a damaged screen door, to the largest, such as re-screening an entire pool enclosure. Be aware that re-screening enclosure roofs is a skilled and, sometimes, dangerous project. Screened enclosure repair Jacksonville contractors should have full liability insurance; without it, your domestic policy could be the subject of a claim should anyone be injured while working at your home.

Window Treatments

As delightful as the Florida sun is, it can wreak havoc with both our skin and our furniture. Shady areas are a must, but awnings can be expensive. Consider installing plain white blinds, available from most department stores and home-improvement warehouses, then decorating them with spray-on fabric paints. White blinds with lime green and turquoise stripes or accents add a classic touch.

For those seeking any type of cleaning service — as well as deck refinishing and screened enclosure repair — in the Jacksonville area, First Coast Home Pros is your go-to. We operate trained and dedicated teams who concentrate on providing specific services, such as tile and grout cleaning, roof and gutter work, window cleaning and housekeeping. FCHP is a family-owned and -run business, so you can trust our diligence and attention to detail.


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