Hard to Remove Stains on Concrete

Hard to Remove Stains on Concrete

Rust stains on driveways and sidewalks are a common problem for homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida. Rust stains on concrete are commonly seen on driveways and walkways where well water is used to run the sprinklers, as it is common for well water to contain high levels of iron. Fertilizers are another common cause of stains on concrete, this happens when then iron in them oxidizes which in turn creates rust. While sprinklers and lawn fertilizer are the most common causes, they aren’t the only culprits of rust stains on concrete.

Rust stains can also be caused by metal tools, downspouts, equipment, and vehicles, if left on concrete surfaces, creating plenty of possibilities for rust staining.  Stains like these are not only unattractive but are as difficult to prevent as they are to get rid of. Trying to treat and remove these types of stains is time consuming and often unsuccessful when done without the help of a professional.

First Coast Home Pros has experienced technicians who are armed with the equipment, techniques, and supplies needed to tackle many types of stains, making us the best choice if you need a pressure washing service for rust stain removal. Our technicians provide you with the most effective methods to treat stained and unsightly concrete, ensuring that you get the best service and a great experience.

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