Insider Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Insider Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Keeping Your Carpets Spotless is Easier Than You Think

Jacksonville Experts Keeping Your Carpet Fresh and Clean

There is an odor in the air in your home and you are not quite sure where it is coming from. You check everywhere but you finally realize that the funky odor you smell is coming from your carpet! There are many factors that contribute to a stinky carpet. Dirt, pet dander, things that we track in via our shoes, parasites, debris, and dead human and animal skin are just a few of the multitude of things that are in our carpet. Eek!
Don’t fret, there are many ways to clean your carpet and maintain a bright and clean scent. If you have a carpet in your home you are and your family are walking around barefoot and sitting and playing on it. You want to keep your carpet as clean as you can and we have the tips and advice to do so.

At-Home, Insider Tips
When you vacuum and you have a bag attached try and use a new vacuum bag every time. You certainly do not want to attempt to clean your carpet your vacuum is causing your carpet to be dirtier than when you started. A used bag can leave behind dust and dirt particles. Also, when vacuuming, vacuum the floor twice in different directions. That way you are cleaning as much carpet space as possible.

Another tip is to mix powder laundry detergent with warm water. Judge the amount that you use. You do not want the solution to be grainy; you simply want the detergent to blend in with the water. Use a clean cloth, dip it in the solution, and apply to any spots that you are trying to get rid of on your carpet. This will lift the stain and make it easier to get out of the carpet.

Another remedy that never seems to go out of style is baking soda. It works wonders on a carpet odor (depending on what is causing the smell). Sprinkle some of the baking soda on the carpet and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and then vacuum your carpet. What is nice about baking soda is that it is odorless. There is no fresh scent or special smell to it. So if you are sensitive to different scents this may be the route you want to go because it is not going to make your house smell like a “mountain breeze” or “tropical sunset”.

When all else fails, contact First Coast Home Pros. It’s important to have a professional carpet cleaning every 3 months to remove those deep stains, dust, pet dander, and germs that most retail vacuums and cleaners can’t reach. Call us in Jacksonville, Florida, for more information on effective ways to clean and maintain your carpet. Our technicians can handle all types of stains on all styles of carpets.

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