Keeping Baseboards Clean

Keeping Baseboards Clean

The baseboards in our home can often be a challenge to keep clean. It doesn’t take long between cleanings for dust and dirt to reappear. So, after going around the perimeter of every room on your hands and knees wiping down baseboards only to see them just as dirty a week later can be quite frustrating. But there are a few ways that you can keep your baseboards cleaner longer.

One unique option some recommend is to clean your baseboards with a dryer sheet. Dryer sheets are static free so they are great for dusting; they also coat as you clean leaving behind a waxy residue that puts a protective barrier on the baseboards.  Of course, we think the best way to clean your baseboards is to deep clean with good, old fashioned elbow grease, and then maintain them with regular vacuuming.

Another option is to let someone else do the work for you! First Coast Home Pros is a full service cleaning company, offering the best quality maid services.

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