Keeping your Home Sanitized with Ease

Keeping your Home Sanitized with Ease

We know that keeping your home sanitized for your family’s health and personal well being is very important. It’s easy to overlook certain areas but hopefully these tips will help you to remember to clean the parts of your home that you usually forget (or have never cleaned before).

  • Changing out the kitchen sponges or hand clothes. Either throw them out or put them in the wash with bleach. This will definitely ensure that they are clean and ready to be used on your dished.
  • Kitchen counters should be wiped down with watered down bleach nearly every day. It is very easy and common for bacteria to fester on your counters, especially after raw food touches these surfaces.
  • Doorknobs and handles definitely need to be cleaned as often as you think about it. This is usually where bacteria can fester and get passed along to everyone else. Think about it, everyone touches the doorknob.
  • Remote controls for your television and the telephone and other appliances should be cleaned once a week with something as simple as Windex. This is another item that everyone touches which makes it easy for bacteria to travel from one person to another.
  • Pillowcases and sheets are household items that should be washed every week. This will prevent dust mites from being on your bed and also moving to your carpet.
  • Toilet tanks are also a household item that most people do not think of when they think of sanitizing their home. Poor a half of a cup of bleach into the tank and the rest will fill with water. Doing this weekly will keep the pipes running smoothly and ensure that your toilet is being cleaned with bleached with every flush.
  • Doing the same thing with your shower drain will ensure that your drain is clean and running smoothly.

Following these easy and simple ways to sanitize your home will help reduce in icky bacteria. It may surprise you that you and your family can breathe easier and you feel better when inside your house. Bacteria can really bring a person’s health down, especially children. These tips are easy ways to prevent your home from being a living kingdom for bacteria. Call us at (904) 383-7721 for more tips on how to sanitize your home.

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