New Ways to Welcome the New Year

New Ways to Welcome the New Year

Looking for unique ways to ring in this New Year? Keep reading for some truly original ideas!
December 31st will be here in the blink of an eye! Out with the old and in with the new! If you are looking for unique ways to ring in the New Year with your significant other, then we have a few suggestions you might want to try.

  • Plan a progressive party with your friends! This gives you the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and break out your fine china and crystal. Visit one home for appetizers, another for salad, still another for the main course, make a final stop for dessert, and then go to watch the ball drop.


  • Kidnap your significant other. Take your best friend, nab your husbands, and head out for the weekend to a special location, like a bed and breakfast. Tell your spouse that you are just going to dinner and then watch the look on their face when they see you driving away from town! If stealing away for the weekend is not feasible, then you can spring for a babysitter, hand him his suit, and take him out for a fancy dinner or night on the town.


  • Host your own pajama party. This is ideal if you have friends with kids or kids of your own. Have the kids (and adults too!) come dressed for bed. Your home can be decorated with inexpensive streamers, balloons, and other items. Have a cake ready with candles to blow out at midnight (or the hour you choose to be “midnight”). Other ideas for entertainment include serving caffeine free beverages, watching kid friendly movies, and playing board games.


  • Celebrate New Year’s in a different time zone. For example, if you live in Tennessee, you can host a New York themed party. Put on a soundtrack with your favorite Broadway show tunes, serve NY cheesecake, and decorate with plenty of glittering and sparkling lights. You can even have your own “ball” to drop at the appointed hour.
  • Finally, if late night celebrations aren’t really your thing, consider hosting a New Year’s Day brunch. There is nothing wrong with welcoming in the New Year during daytime hours. Invite your closest friends and family members and make it a private celebration to remember. This is a sincere and genuine way to give thanks for all you have experienced in the past year.

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