Preparing for Florida’s “Cooler” Months

Preparing for Florida’s “Cooler” Months

As the heat of Summer begins to slip away we find Fall and Winters cooler weather approaching. Florida isn’t known for harsh winters or frequent freezing temperatures however, preparing for the colder months ahead is necessary.

Here are a few tips that will not only prepare your home for the fall, but will also help cut down on heating costs.

– Ceiling fans are a great place to start. Reversing the direction of your ceiling fans to counter clockwise will help to push down hot air as it rises forcing it to re-circulate.

– Check for drafts around windows and doors, that may let cold air in and the warm air escape.

– Have your air ducts cleaned and inspected for leaks. Clean air ducts will allow heated air to flow without interruption from dust in debris. Also, the colder months are known for bringing with them the dreaded flu and common cold. Air ducts filled with dust and debris can cause respiratory problems and make it even harder to shake the runny nose & cough that colder weather can bring.

These simple tasks will help to keep your home warm while saving you money on heating costs.

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