Remove Pet Odor From the Carpet

Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

Remove Pet Odor From the Carpet

We love our pets, and they are inevitably members of our family. Unfortunately, unlike fellow humans, our furry friends leave behind various odors that are not pleasing to our olfactory sense. Before pet owners make the decision to simply grin and bear it, however, they should consider how the right choice in carpet cleaning can remove the odor and return the home’s original, pleasant aroma.

No matter the origin of the pet odor, the problem can be an embarrassing one to have when company visits. Those who wish to reverse the effects without installing new carpet do have a solution. By hiring the best carpet cleaning professionals at First Coast Home Pros, the root of the problem can be removed.

The Best Methods for Carpet Cleaning to Remove Pet Odors

Once a pet has established a regular routine of urinating on the carpet, these byproducts have already seeped deep beyond the outer layer and into the backing and padding. The smell left behind can be overwhelming.

Further adding to the problem, pets are creatures of habit.; once they have established an area of carpet in which to do their business, they normally return, and this causes it to become saturated. This is their way of marking their territory, so they take efforts in keeping the scent strong.

However, there are a few methods of carpet cleaning that can be used to eliminate pet odors. Some cleaning methods used are:

  • Bonnet cleaning: This easy cleaning method is done by using a special towel, which is called a bonnet. With this towel, a cleanser is added and attached to a hose, allowing the carpet to be cleaned. Bonnet cleaning doesn’t offer deep cleaning benefits, but it is a great choice for when the carpet surfaces need to be cleaned.
  • Dry cleaning: If you are living in humid areas or your home’s floors won’t dry as easily, dry cleaning is a great choice. Carpets can be dry cleaned to eliminate any mold formations or lack of drying.
  • Encapsulation: This type of cleaning removed ground in dirt from thick carpeting. First, a foam is added, which lifts dirt from deep in your carpet floors. Then, your carpets can be cleaned, for a deep and fresh outcome.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Deep carpet cleaning isn’t an easy feat, and it must be done right in order to reap the benefits. At First Coast Home Pros, we take this task seriously, and can ensure quality services. In order to remove anything your carpet contains, we follow these steps:

  1. Identifying the odors and stains: First things first, we will look for the stains you are wanting to have removed. With our technology and equipment, we can target these dirty areas and prepare for elimination.
  2. Cleaning the surfaces that need to be cleaned first: Following the previous step, we will then use the best cleaning methods, and remove your carpet stains. Additionally, we will clean the whole carpeted area, so that everything is uniform.
  3. Double extraction: At First Coast Home Pros, we use the double extraction technique. This simply means that we fully clean your carpets twice using our powerful extraction wands. This technique allows your carpets to experience the deepest clean while also drying quicker than normal due to water extraction.

Our process ensures that spots or stains won’t come back because we treat them effectively the first time around.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaners for Pet Odors

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, there are countless benefits that can arise. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased health: When carpets or floors are dirty, filled with odors, mold or mildew, the health of yourself or your family could be at risk. Different things found in the carpet can damage the air quality in the home, which can directly affect health. By getting your carpets professionally cleaned, there won’t be any added health complications.
  • Avoid expensive carpet replacement costs down the road: As with anything in the home, frequent maintenance is always better than getting things replaced down the road. If you don’t keep up to date cleaning your carpets, then a full carpet replacement can be necessary in the future.
  • Removes odors and imperfections: Of course, the main reason why you are cleaning your carpets is to remove odors or stains. Deep carpet cleaning can do all of this, all while maintaining the fresh look of your home.

Speak With Your Trusted Professional Carpet Cleaners, Today!

While some pets are properly house trained, many pet owners in Jacksonville experience a very different issue during the hot Florida summers. Dogs produce an unpleasant odor when they sweat, and this smell can also become ingrained in the carpet.

Through the utilization of the most high tech carpet cleaning equipment, a trained professional can successfully remove the residue and leave behind a carpet that not only smells pleasant but is also visibly much cleaner.

When dealing with such an intricate problem, it is important to entrust the professionals, and the experts at First Coast Home Pros have the experience to get the job done right. If you have any questions, or would like a free estimate, contact us today.

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