Renting a Carpet Cleaner -vs. – Professional Carpet Cleaning

Renting a Carpet Cleaner -vs. – Professional Carpet Cleaning

Sure, renting a carpet cleaner from a local hardware or grocery store may be cheaper, but, is cheaper really better?

In this case, NO. Not only is using a rented machine to clean your carpets labor intensive, it doesn’t even come close to getting your carpets as clean as our carpet cleaning service can.  Rented machines often leave carpets damp for days and leave behind cleaning residue that only attracts more dirt to the carpet fibers. On top of the hard work, and wet carpets, rented equipment doesn’t come with all the other supplies you will need, such as, detergents, and stain removers. Also, many companies who offer a warranty on their carpets will void the warranty if the carpets aren’t cleaned by a professional, certified company. In short, when opting for the less expensive route by renting a machine from a grocery store to clean your carpets, expect to get what you paid for.

Instead of wasting money trying to spend less, leave the carpet cleaning to the pros.  Our equipment is powered off of a V8 engine in our trucks, so the water gets super hot and the suction is super strong.  This means your carpets get way cleaner and way dryer after cleaning.

First Coast Home Pros is a full service carpet cleaning company that uses highly trained IICRC certified technicians. Using the best equipment and methods, we guarantee the job is done right the first time.

Call today to schedule a Free In home Estimate and to take advantage of our special offer, 1) Pay only $139 to clean and apply Dupont Teflon Advanced stain protectant on up to 300 cleanable sq ft OR 2) Get 20% off carpet cleaning jobs of 500 cleanable sq ft or more!

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