Start Holiday Cleaning Now to Boost Fun and Reduce Stress

Start Holiday Cleaning Now to Boost Fun and Reduce Stress

house cleaning check listWith the holidays looming on the horizon, it’s time to start making plans. But along with the fun plans are the necessary ones, those deep cleaning chores, like window and blind cleaning, chandelier cleaning, upholstery cleaning and all those other little things like tile cleaning in Jacksonville. You just know they need to be done before company comes to town or you open your home for a party. Let’s talk about how to break those tasks down into an action plan that will make your holidays happy, bright and clean.

Making a list and checking it twice . . .

The best way to figure out what needs to be done is to set aside some time – half an hour to an hour – to sit down with a hot drink and make a list. If it’s easier for you to wander your home to see what you notice, that works too! Be sure not to forget the outside of your home, especially the entryway. Your list can include decorative items you need to purchase for the season as well as if there are any specific places in Jacksonville or the surrounding area you’d like to purchase them.

Now that you’ve listed what you need to work on, it’s time to prioritize it, beginning with the items that are important to you. Did you love that light in your entry when you bought your home? Let’s do a little chandelier cleaning to make it sparkle! Do your wood floors really need a good cleaning and polishing to restore that beautiful shine? Put it at the top of your list. Are there still a few leftover, decorative cobwebs hanging around from Halloween? Don’t worry if they’re not just decorative, we all get so busy this time of year! That’s what your list is for, keeping track of the details your guests will notice.

This list is a study of what needs to be taken care of in your home to make it ready for guests and to make you happy with it so that you can have a happier and more stress-free holiday. Keep it handy so that you can add to it, if needed.

Counting the days . . .

Now, let’s take a good look at the calendar. Have you started recording any holiday plans on it? How much time do you really have left before the holidays start? Don’t forget to include time for putting together holiday cards, baking cookies, present shopping and all those little things that make the holidays bright for you and your family in Jacksonville. Most importantly, remember to leave some personal time as well; you can’t enjoy the holidays if you’re stressed out from making them perfect for everyone else.

Now that you know how much time you have available, start assigning yourself a task or two each day. If you get frustrated by the slow pace, walk back through your home and look at all the beauty and sparkle it has that it didn’t a few days ago. These are all tasks you either may not have gotten to or, if you did, may have happened in those last few frantic days before the holidays, when you want to be enjoying your time instead of working yourself into exhaustion worrying about how or when you’ll get to the tile cleaning Jacksonville. Remember to schedule enough time for tasks that may take more than one step; as an example, if you want to rearrange your living room furniture, remember to leave sufficient time for the carpet and tile to be professionally cleaned and to let them dry before you have guests arriving.

What to do when you’re out of time . . .

If you just can’t get to everything, that’s okay! There is so much involved in holiday planning that maybe it’s time to treat yourself for all your hard work earlier in the season by bringing in some help. We can help with something specific, like tile cleaning in Jacksonville, or more thorough housekeeping tasks. We can also take care of all those too-busy-to-get-to details and home maintenance tasks like pressure washing, carpet cleaning and tile cleaning in Jacksonville!


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