The Cleaning We Always Forget to Do

The Cleaning We Always Forget to Do

No matter how clean we think our home is, there are always tasks that we forget about if they don’t scream “clean me” every day the way dirty dishes and cluttered floors do. It is only when we visit others that we are reminded, for our eyes seem automatically drawn to the lonely spider web in the top corner of a room, the dust and dead flies in the overhead light fixture when it gets turned on or the layers of dust on the ceiling fan blades when they are at rest.

Other assorted cleaning tasks that we often forget until we look through the eyes of a visitor:

  • Cleaning off the dust and grease on the hood of the stove exhaust fan
  • Cleaning the blades and casings of portable box or oscillating fans
  • Wiping down the baseboards and floor corners of rooms
  • Cleaning inside the microwave
  • Dusting blinds, furnace and cold air vents and picture frames
  • Dusting the television and screen, entertainment center, game systems, game and movie cases and video recorder/player
  • Wiping down toilet seat hinges, sink faucets and hot and cold water handles
  • Wiping down light switches and door knobs
  • Cleaning dust collected between the stair rails and carpet treads
  • Cleaning dog and cat breath/nose smears and paw prints on windows
  • Cleaning under sofa and chair cushions and around the inside of the arms and seat
  • At our first opportunity, we will go on a cleaning frenzy to take care of these eyesores. Unfortunately, once clean, we usually forget about these areas until we look through the eyes of a visitor once more.

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