The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

Isolated Blue Dryer Vent HoseCleanliness is next to Godliness. Everyone knows this. This is especially true of your home and its surroundings, especially when you have young children and pets. If you have a HVAC system installed in your house, the comfort it offers comes with certain responsibilities. You have to have the system cleaned and the filter replaced regularly. An annual inspection is also better so that any problems are nipped in the bud. You also have to get the air ducts cleaned to ensure that any harmful substances like germs or mold spores do not enter your home and harm your family.

Your HVAC system is forced air with many components like intake openings, outflow vents, filters, grills, air-ducts that facilitate movement of air throughout your home, diffusers, heating coils and cooling elements, condensate drains or drip pans, fan motor and its housing. You have to get the entire system periodically maintained and fix whatever needs fixing, particularly before it gets cold. During winters, in extremely cold climates, even if you find mold or dampness, getting the service person or the cleaner to come and clean your ducts might be difficult as it is the peak season. So, it is better to have it serviced and cleaned before the onset of winter.

Air Quality

What is the point of buying and installing an expensive HVAC system, if you are not going to maintain it or get it cleaned regularly? People are waking up to the fact that the air they breathe might be making them sick, especially when they have lots of thick carpets, indoor plants and pets. Get a professional duct cleaner to come and investigate your air ducts and vents before winter to ensure that your heating will work efficiently and also not make you sick over the holiday season.

If your air ducts are not cleaned and maintained properly, your air quality is compromised. Any rodents or other small animals might have crawled inside the duct and died, releasing an unbearable odor; in such cases you need to call in a duct cleaner on an emergency basis. If you and your family members are falling ill frequently without any identifiable causes, then you might have your ducts checked out for any bacterial or mold growth. Regular accumulation of dust is nothing to get worked up about. Before fixing a duct cleaner, find out about their credentials and business practices. If the duct cleaner is not well qualified and well-trained, you might have to find someone else to come and fix the problem, paying double in the process. The WHO estimates that 1.6 million people die every year due to illnesses caused by poor indoor air quality. So be vigilant without being an alarmist.

You have the responsibility to check out the cleaner thoroughly before you let them in your door. Ensure that the cleaner you hire for cleaning your air ducts is reliable and check with the local BBB. Ask for visual proof of mold before engaging them to clean the ducts. You can also approach a local lab and get the presence of mold confirmed for about $50. Be responsible and also be sensible. You don’t have to follow the suggestions of your duct cleaner blindly, if he suggests a ‘sealant’ to stop leakage of dust and mold spores into your home or biocides meant to kill bacteria. There are no such products that are approved or recommended by the EPA for using in homes, and so check out the suggested products before you decide.

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