Tile and Grout Cleaning: It’s the Little Things

Tile and Grout Cleaning: It’s the Little Things


It’s the little things that make life worthwhile, fulfilling, and add joy.

The same can be said for cleaning.
Most individuals clean the big pieces in their homes – furniture, light fixtures, floors – but overlook the small components of those larger pieces – handles, light bulbs, tile and grout. Cleaning these small items are what makes an item truly shine, and what ensures that it’s truly clean in its entirety. There are numerous reasons for and benefits to tile and grout cleaning in Jacksonville.

Tile Cleaning

Most homes contain at least some tile flooring or, at the very least, tile-covered shower and tub walls and floors. The location of tile (floors, showers) often means that it takes the most wear-and-tear. Most individuals clean tile using over-the-counter cleaners and never go further. This is unfortunate because, to keep this tile in the best shape, it’s necessary to invest in a deeper cleaning. Properly and thoroughly cleaning tile surfaces is a three step process – one that our technicians have the necessary equipment and materials to perform and are trained and experienced to complete.

Stone Cleaning

In homes, most stone appears beneath the residents’ feet. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that stone surfaces are often some of the dirtiest in a home. Cleaning agents, however, seem to have not received the memo detailing this fact. Most aren’t designed for stone surfaces, and those that seem to be absorbed faster than they actually clean. Like tile, stone surfaces require extra care and work to clean. The right tools, equipment, and materials can make the difference between stone that appears clean and stone that actually is clean.

The Benefits of Stone and Tile Cleaning

  • Visible cleanliness
  • Extending the life of the product
  • Rejuvenating old or worn flooring
  • Removing seemingly ground-in or permanent stains

Grout Cleaning

Tile and stone adheres to the surface it covers and to each other using grout – an extremely porous material. Grout can be applied thicker or thinner, depending on the type of tile and application method and can also have different textures and colors. Despite these differences, however, all grout has one thing in common: it is rarely actually cleaned by traditional floor cleaning solutions.

Unsure whether your grout needs to be cleaned? Try this trick: use a damp toothbrush and lightly brush a small section of your grout. We’re betting that the toothbrush bristles come away black. Do you need any further proof that over-the-counter floor cleaners leave grout untouched and that you need to engage in tile and grout cleaning in Jacksonville?

Yet, most individuals consider their grout to be clean after they mop the floor. This is true – but only if your grout is sealed.

Properly caring for grout is a two-step process:
1. Cleaning
2. Sealing

Cleaning grout is a delicate process because of how porous the material is. Grout usually needs to be scrubbed, but not too hard and not with copious amounts of water, much less harsh cleaners. Harsh, heavy cleaning can scrape away at the grout and weaken the tile or stone’s adherence to the floor and surrounding tiles or stone.

Once cleaned, grout can be sealed. The process of sealing grout includes applying a sealant agent over the grout surface. This agent helps protect the grout against cracking, and also protects the grout against stains and other damage. The result is a smoother-looking surface between tiles and a surface that repels stains, allowing for more time to clean up spills. Sealed grout is also actually cleaned by traditional cleaning agents because it doesn’t absorb as much liquid.

Benefits to Cleaning and Sealing Grout

  • Stain and dirt removal
  • Cleaning without saturation
  • Prevention of new stains
  • Protection against additional or new wear and tear
  • Extending the life of tile or stone
  • Easier future cleaning, perhaps using traditional solutions

First Coast Home Pros knows the value of a clean home, and is the premier company to help you with your tile and grout cleaning in Jacksonville. We are dedicated to helping you clean and seal the tile, stone, and grout that surround you and your family on a daily basis. Our techniques, technicians, and equipment are the best, ensuring that your floors will be – and remain – in top shape. Contact us today to learn more about our tile and grout cleaning services.

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