Tips for Keeping a Clean House

Tips for Keeping a Clean House

Cleaning with a smileKeeping the house clean at all times can be a daunting task; with so many rooms to clean and so many different items to dust off. However, as tough as the task might look, you can put into practice small yet effective house-cleaning habits that will make that periodic complete makeover a lot easier. Here are a few tips for keeping a clean house:

1. Instead of leaving all your cleaning to be done on a specific day or time, try and do little bits of tidying up whenever you are free. For people who work from home, this is much easier to effect. If you work from a computer at home, do little bits of tidying up whenever you take a break from the computer.

2. Don’t let the dishes pile up in the kitchen sink. If the stack gets too big, you will inevitably become discouraged. Wash small loads every time the stack shows signs of building up.

3. The same case applies for the laundry. Do one load of laundry at a time instead of attempting to wash everything on laundry day. Don’t let the load build up into a mountain of dirty laundry since this will be much tougher to clean up.

4. Wipe down your toilet and sink at least once a day. Keep a handy mixture of water, vinegar and lavender oil at hand so that you can give your toilet or sink a quick spritz followed by a wipe down when you are not running around the house.

5. Pick up any pieces of paper you see lying around the house, lawn or backyard as soon as you spot them. Pick up any loose toys and return them to their pack. Teach little junior to return his or her toys to their places after playing with them.

6. Learn to put items back in their respective storage places immediately after you finish using them. This sounds obvious enough, but, believe me, the biggest reason why we end up with a cluttered house is because most of us simply never learn this cardinal rule that is so essential in keeping the house clean.

7. Keep things close to where you use them. For instance, you should keep a sharpie handily in the freezer to help you mark bagged leftovers. Keep pens close to where you plug in your iPhone or cellphone, an extra set of sheets underneath your mattress and so on. This makes it a lot easier to put back the item in its place after using it.

8. Throw away things you don’t need. That winter picnic hamper that you used when picnicking ten years ago might be taking up much more space than you can afford and should be chucked. Donate items you don’t need to places that give receipts for these; you can have this taken off your tax bill. If you have a hard time getting rid of stuff that you keep for purely sentimental reasons, then consider taking photographs of them so that you can still ‘‘see’’ them.

9. Keep an outbox – keep an outbox that you can use to store items that you do not use, but you still value and don’t want to get rid of. Once an item spends sometime in the outbox, you might find that the attachment you felt for it has gone away.

10. Have a landing strip – a landing strip is not just a place for putting down the keys and mail; it can also be used as a launch pad to place items that you need to carry with you tomorrow.

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