What is LEAF Relief Gutter Protection?

What is LEAF Relief Gutter Protection?

gutter cleaningClogged gutters or blocked downspouts can collapse, wash away landscaping, cause water damage, create mold and mildew, and even erode your home’s foundation. Cleaning your gutters, though, requires the risks of climbing onto the roof of your home, precariously cleaning each gutter yourself with whatever tools are handy. As a result, gutter cleaning services are one of the most essential maintenance services available; First Coast Home Pros will do the work for you, including both Jacksonville gutter cleaning and Leaf Relief Gutter Protection, so you won’t have to take on the risks of doing it yourself.

Let Us Do the Hard Work for You

Our gutter cleaning technicians will remove leaves, sticks, and other debris from your gutters by hand. They will then clean downspouts using safe and professional techniques and equipment, and all removed debris will be cleaned up afterwards. Finally, our technicians will use high velocity air movement to clear downspouts, flushing and testing your gutters repeatedly to ensure the flow of water runoff. At the same time, First Coast is prepared to remove roof debris, adding years to your roof’s lifespan and preventing future mildew growth. This service is included as a standard feature of our gutter cleaning services and may involve the use of low pressure roof cleaning to remove algae streaks and staining or the cleaning of gutter exteriors with pressure washing services.
Benefits of Gutter Cleaning Services:
• Prevents gutter overflow, especially over doorways in and out of your home
• Stops water from backing up into your home and causing water damage
• Prevents overflow from eroding landscaping and your home’s foundation
• Maintains the cleanliness of your home’s exterior by halting mold and mildew growth

On top of all these benefits, First Coast Home Pros offers free estimates within our service area and provides a 100% guarantee for our Jacksonville gutter cleaning services for the first week, outside of normal wear and accumulation of debris. We want you to have the time to make sure our gutter cleaning work was done properly and to your satisfaction. We simply ask that, if you do find yourself unsatisfied with our work, please contact us so that we can make it right.

What is Leaf Relief?


In the experience of our expert technicians, Leaf Relief Gutter Protection is the most effective and best value in preventing the buildup of gutter debris. We have worked first hand with many products that claim to protect your gutters, but which inevitably clog over time. Some of these supposed gutter protection systems can be very expensive yet require constant maintenance, while others, though cheap, can increase buildup and lead to gutter collapse.
Compared to the top four other systems available, Leaf Relief is the only one with 100% debris blocking efficiency and that fits any roof slope, is virtually invisible from the ground, and never requires the repositioning of gutters. It is also the only system with patented Aluma-Perf technology, which allows water to flow through gutters and removes debris with a gentle breeze. At the same time, this system is pest resistant, fits snugly on top of gutters, and falls toward the lower end of the spectrum in terms of overall cost. First Coast Home Pros prides itself on being a Leaf Relief Certified Installer and will ensure that your system is installed professionally and carefully.

Benefits of the Leaf Relief System

• Independently tested to be 100% effective in preventing small debris buildup
• Unlike other systems, does not require lifting shingles and does not risk voiding roof warranties
• Handles up to 29.7 inches of rainfall per hour, over two times the world’s highest rainfall record of 12 inches per hour in Hilauea, Hawaii
• Backed by a 10 year Never Clogs, Never Overflows Warranty

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