Why is Accumulated Dust a Health Concern?

Why is Accumulated Dust a Health Concern?

Hands Polishing a Wooden TableDust has a tendency to accumulate rather quickly, and this can happen even in homes that can seem quite clean. Having a dusty home is more than just an annoyance and an eyesore. You will find that the dust can actually be a health concern too. Research from the Environmental Protection Agency shows that dust and health issues really do go hand in hand, unfortunately. It can cause breathing issues, and aggravate issues for those who are already suffering from breathing problems. Dust can even complicate things for those with heart and lung disease. Even those who are otherwise healthy can have adverse affects from breathing in dust.

What is Causing So Much Dust?

Dust is everywhere in the house, it is in the air ducts, on the counters and bookshelves, the television, and more! Sometimes, keeping that dust out can seem like an impossible battle. Many different things cause dust outside and inside the home. Dirt that gets into the house, shed skin cells, dander from pets, pollen, and a host of other things can get in the home and damage the air quality. Dust might seem like a small thing, but it is never ending, and you need to be able to get a handle on the problem in your own home.

Dust can damage the tissue in the lungs, cause allergies to worsen, and more. The elderly and children seem to have the most problems when it comes to dust, but it really can affect anyone. Those who have sensitive noses, for example, may start sneezing quite a bit when the levels of dust in the house are on the rise.

Take Control of Your Health

Whether you already have health issues because of the dust issue, or you are simply trying to head off any health problems that could arise, it’s important to find some ways that you can get a better handle on the problem. First, you should make sure that you are cleaning your floors regularly. Vacuuming a couple of times a week and daily dusting can help to keep the dust issues at bay. If dust really is a huge problem and it is causing health issues, you might want to think about changing your flooring entirely. When you have hardwood floors in the home, it is often easier to handle the dust issues.

If you have air ducts and an AC unit in the home, you might want to consider having someone come out and clean it. Air duct cleaning can help to remove quite a bit of “hidden” dust that is remaining in your home. You will want to hire the professionals to do a good job.

In fact, since many people have trouble finding the time to clean properly, it might be in your best interest to hire someone for the house cleaning. Having the professionals come into your home once or twice a week can help to make a real difference in the air quality of the home. They are going to be able to remove much of the dust that would tend to accumulate otherwise. Just make sure that you are choosing the right company for the task!

First Coast Home Pros should be the first choice when it comes to cleaning your home and keeping the place free of dust. We’ve been helping people in the Jacksonville area take care of all of their home cleaning and duct cleaning needs, to mention just a few of the services that we offer. Let us help you banish dust from your home and make health issues from dust a distant memory!

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