Housekeeping Tips for the Working Mom

Housekeeping Tips for the Working Mom

housekeeping Jacksonville FLFor a working mom, the job is never done. Once you leave the office it’s time to pick up the kids, attend sports activities or practices, and then there is the cooking and house cleaning. It seems there is never enough time in our busy schedules to get everything done. Keeping the house clean and tidy is a job that is never complete, but here are a few tips to help make daily cleaning a little easier.

Clean as you go

The best way to keep chores from piling up is to clean up after yourself. If the whole family can do this it will really help mom out. When you make something in the kitchen, clear dishes and wipe off the counter. Don’t let dishes pile up in the sink. In the bedroom, make your bed to help give your room a clean appearance. Also, hang up clothes or put them in drawers. When you are finished in the bathroom, wipe down the counters and shower. All these little tasks will make major cleaning so much easier.

A time for everything

Make time before you go to bed for small cleaning tasks. The bathroom is the best room to clean after everyone else has retired. Since it is the smallest area, it takes very little time to clean. In the morning, before you leave for work, make your bed. Take on the kitchen when you can dedicate the time to clean it, like the weekend. If everyone has been cleaning up after themselves, it will be easy. Start at one point and work your way around, keeping the stove for last, since it tends to be the dirtiest. Keep up with the floors; sweep after dinner. If you need to tackle the grout cleaning Jacksonville, save that for a day off.

Work out the clutter

Clutter is the biggest problem for most households. Don’t let it pile up and your workload won’t be as heavy. Laundry, for one, tends to get over looked, so keep on top of it by doing one load each day. Don’t let clothing pile up throughout the house. To reduce all clutter, have your family help you go through items in the house; throw out or donate things that you really don’t need, things you no longer like. Toss those items that are broken, torn, too small, or outdated.

Get organized

Having your house organized will reduce the cleaning time. It can also add decorative elements to rooms. Have a basket in the kitchen for the family to hold their keys, wallets, or anything they use frequently. In the bedroom, have drawers or baskets to hold those small accessories, like gloves or socks. Keep items from piling up in the living room with nice baskets. Organizing will help so you are not always wasting time picking up small things, and they make it easier to dust. Get all of your cleaning supplies for everything, from dusting to grout cleaning Jacksonville, organized for quick and easy access.

Enlist the help of others

Once the kids are old enough, have them start to help with household chores. It works best if you praise their efforts, and, when appropriate, reward them. Set general rules as well, such as keeping their room picked up, the bed made, and clearing the dishes after meals. These small things will make your house cleaning work load easier. Ask your partner to help you out. Working in the yard together not only helps out but you get to have a little bonding time. Also, grout cleaning Jacksonville, is a project you should have help with.

If all else fails and you need the help of an outside source, consider a professional cleaning service. If there is a certain task you just can’t complete yourself, such as a full grout cleaning Jacksonville or last-minute cleaning help before hosting an event, contact our specialist at First Coast Home Pros in Jacksonville, FL for expert advice and service.

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